Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dunwoody HS upsets No. 8 Marist and now needs your help to make Dunwoody the High 5 Sports Team of the Week.

I missed the Dunwoody Football Homecoming game against Marist (blame Joe Walsh, Don Henley & Glenn Fry for coming to town) but I heard it was great game with Dunwoody being victorious 20 to nothing.

That being said, Dunwoody is now in the running for the coveted honor of being the High 5 Sports Team of the Week and it appears that I placed the very first vote for Dunwoody to get some prime recognition .

To vote, CLICK HERE and the ballot is at the top right. Balloting ends Tuesday.

Below is the trophy from the last time Dunwoody won in 2008 and check out the coverage from the pep rally that included the celebration of winning that honor.  Will it happen again?  Please vote.


NellieWoodson said...

Such great news for the public school system and the new coach!

Patience and karma have once again prevailed!

Congratulations to the stalwart Wildcat players and their brilliant coaches!

Private school parents, please note, if you want children that win football games and earn academic scholarships to Harvard and other Ivy League colleges, send them to Dunwoody High School and don't waste your monies on private school tuition.

Fantastic news!

Bob said...

Dunwoody HS is number one in the Community as they beat Marist last night.
Dunwoody took advantage of every miscue, took control in the second half, stifled any comeback attempt by the War Eagles. When I left with about 4 minutes to go, Dunwoody had just intercepted a marist pass and returned it for a touchdown 21-0
Have not seen the paper yet so I hope that was the final score.
As a proud Marist father of three girls (2 State Championships in Volley Ball ) it was painful to watch.
Now I owe Brent $10 bucks and a six pack of Blue Moon.
Monday at the City Council meeting will be a humbling experience
Brent say one word and I will smack you on the back of the head.
Bob Lundsten

I think the Coach is an ex MARIST coach running the Marist offense.
Boy now I sound like a whinner.
Being the fair weather band wagon kind of guy that I am I guess I wll start wearing my Dunwoody Wildcat football shirt that I bought at this years 4th of July parade.
Since Tommy Marshal is a good catholic, he will have to forgive me.

October 16, 2010 8:15 AM

Dunwoody Mom said...

I suspect Brent will have a good time at the offices of "The Crier" this week.


You win with class, and you lose with class.

Ergo :X


And yes, you are correct: Dunwoody head coach Jim Showfety was at Marist from 2000 until 2006 I believe (or the four straight years Marist used to kick MY butt). So I figure he knows that team inside and out.


One final comment, for clarification:

I know that "2000 until 2006" is technically seven seasons — but four of those (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003) featured a Marist-Dunwoody match-up in which Marist won (33-0, 42-14, 21-17, 49-21, respectively).

I have no further comment, lest I appear to be a sore winner.

NellieWoodson said...

As a good Catholic who believes in supporting our public schools, who believes that private school vouchers are the single worst, most dangerous idea to have entered the education discourse in the history of the USA (aside, of course, from the pernicious policy of school segregation), this is almost as satisfying to me as Dunwoody High School having produced the community's greatest student / athlete and now a Harvard running-back, Treavor Scales!

Bob said...

Nellie, it was a football game . Give it a rest about vouchers and good catholics supporting public schools.
Dunwoody won a game one they derserved to win, leave all the other stuff out of it and let the kids enjoy the GAME.

NellieWoodson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NellieWoodson said...

Oh, is that another rule in the oligarchy of Dunwoody that only leather-appareled right-wing blatherskites are allowed to express an opinion?

I believe it was your comment that first attempted to establish the criteria for a "good Catholic". Really, get off my back, bud, I made no reference to anyone commenting here. Next game please ask the Marist water-boy to leave a bucket so you can soak your fathead!

Trust me, the comments that the local self-righteous pharisees of this town, that established a city in order to keep Dunwoody homogeneous, are much more inimical to the future of our children than someone who expresses their thoughts on private school vouchers.

BrookRunner said...


You think a football game suddenly changes the failures of government education facility? The problem is too many kids in the football/basketball culture think athletics is a ticket to success. Even Dun High School math statistics tell us differently. Live your glory for a football game. There are probably half a dozen kids on the team who really think football is more important than education. And tell me why, Nellie, the Community Organizer does NOT send his kids to the public school? And tell me why he removed vouchers/charts from DC kids after the program improved student learning.

Bob said...

Nellie it is a football game.
No one in this blog ever implied DHS was a bad school. No one ever name called. No one ever tried to stop you from expressing your opinion. It was a football game, played by teenage boys, representing two fine schools.
I never questioned the issue of vouchers or your right to support them. I is just that when adults take a moment that the Dunwoody HS Community is celebrating, it is a little silly to turn it into policy debate.
You are smarter than I am no doubt, are much more creative in your writing skills, can type better than I can, have friends that go to Ivy League school and are proud of your school as you should be.
I read your last note and I assume thanks to the Crier article, that you are talking about me as the:
" Oh, is that another rule in the oligarchy of Dunwoody that only leather-appareled right-wing blatherskites" (could someone translate this for me)
Facts are you have no idea what I believe, what I do, what I support, and what cause I believe in. I would be happy to discuss my views on any topic with you anytime. Since you know me and I have no clue who you are, come up and say hello anytime. We can talk about anything you want. Try to keep an open mind.
By the way according to my wife, it is not my head that is fat, but my waist line.
FINALLY, name calling? Really? For a person that is obviously intelligent, pretty weak.
Don't go looking for a fight; it was a only football game

NellieWoodson said...

As Carly Simon is wont to state on her FaceBook page, "You're so vain, you probably think this post is about you."

John Heneghan said...

I just received a disturbing e-mail... Dunwoody is now behind.

Oh no, Cedar Grove is now ahead. Would you please remind everyone that they can vote every hour? Surely there is enough community support out there that we can win this!

Vote early and often.


knitternall said...

You can vote MORE than once an hour! I just entered 50 votes. Gotta get back to work, but will click away this evening.

GaryRayBetz said...

Even if you receive an error message of -

"Sorry, you have already voted the maximum number of times possible."

if you just clear your browser's cache and cookies, you can attempt submitting your poll selection again unimpeded; however, please be aware that with this method you will also lose any browser saved passwords. So, access the poll with your infrequently utilized browser.

GaryRayBetz said...

With the above fairly well-known subterfuge that I revealed, this is another reason why on-line polls are so rarely accurate (it can, though be defeated by a poll with an IP address identifier), but as we would say in Chicago:

"Vote early -- and vote often!"


With about an hour left in voting, it appears Dunwoody has a good 5,000-vote lead.

Let's hope "the hand" returns to DHS.

Dunwoody Mom said...

I hope so - my finger is numb from voting so much....


With about a minute remaining, Dunwoody's up by 5,000 still.

I'd say this one's in the bad. ;)

Congrats, y'all; and a special thank-you and shout-out goes to Mr. Bob Lundsten for being a true and honorable gentleman in defeat.

You represent Marist well, sir.


Crap, typo: This one's in the ***BAG***.