Saturday, November 6, 2010

Map of DeKalb Elementary School Attendance Areas for Dunwoody


Sarah Rogue said...

Could you make one of these maps that shows church attendance?

Wishbone Nolan said...

I don't think so, Ms. Sarah.

There are some demographics (i.e. age, religion, gender, educational attainment, race, income, disabilities, employment status, etc.) that in a small city really aren't the rest of the town's business.

Though, a map that displays the location of all the donut shops in Dunwoody might be a nice gesture for our police force.

BrookRunner said...


you have made us all famous via your blog comment in the Dunwoody Reporter newspaper. You make us all so proud to be smart, Republican, church-going, God-fearing FarmHousers. May God, Newt, and Sarah Palin bless your every breath. Save me a seat in your pew tomorrow.

Sarah Rogue said...

Brookruuner. yes, a lot of people have been asking me about getting bitten. I didn't know the Dunwoody Reporter had that story about me too. Pretty scary, right?

I really didnt know that wasnt really a true way to treat snakebites. I felt pretty dum.

Wishbone Nolan said...
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