Monday, November 8, 2010

Mon - Council Meeting, Tue - School Redistricting & Expansion of Alcohol, Wed - Parks & Greenspace and Peds, Thurs - Sustainability & Veteran's, Sat - DUMC Festival

Check out the Dunwoody Calendar for this week.

Mon Nov 87pm – 9:30pm
Dunwoody City Council Meeting - Dunwoody City Hall, 41 Perimeter Center East, 30346
Tue Nov 910am – 11am
Mommy & Me & Nature Make Three at Dunwoody Nature Center - Dunwoody Nature Center
11:15am – 12:30pm
Preschooler Park Patrol at Dunwoody Nature Center - Dunwoody Nature Center
6:30pm – 8:30pm
DCSS 2020 Vision Public Charrette - Chamblee High School,
7pm – 8pm
Planning Commission to discuss expansion of Alcohol ordinance - City Hall
Wed Nov 1010am – 12pm
Open House for Parks and Green Space Comprehensive Plan - City Hall, 41 
Perimeter Center East, Dunwoody, GA
6pm – 7pm
Peds Award to City of Dunwoody - Georgia State University; 30 Courtland Street, SE, Atlanta, GA 30303
Thu Nov 117am – 7:15am
Chesnut's First All Pro Dad Monthly Gathering - Chesnut Charter School Media Center
7:45am – 9am
Dunwoody Sustainability Commission Meeting - City Hall, 41 Perimeter Center East, Suite #103, 30346
3:30pm – 5pm
Dunwoody Veteran's Day Celebration - Brook Run Park, 4770 North Peachtree Road 30338
7pm – 9pm
Open House for Parks and Green Space Comprehensive Plan - Dunwoody Baptist Church, 1445 Mt. Vernon Road. Dunwoody, GA
Fri Nov 1210am – 11am
Mommy & Me & Nature Make Three at Dunwoody Nature Center - Dunwoody Nature Center
11:15am – 12:30pm
Preschooler Park Patrol at Dunwoody Nature Center - Dunwoody Nature Center
7pm – 9pm
Friday Night with your Honey(bee) at Dunwoody Nature Center - Dunwoody Nature Center
Sat Nov 139am – 4pm
Holiday Festival at Dunwoody United Methodist Church - Dunwoody United Methodist Church, 1548 Mt. Vernon Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338
9am – 4pm
Boy Scout Environmental Science Merit Badge Clinic at Dunwoody Nature Center - Dunwoody Nature Center


Chip said...

Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the meeting this evening.

I'd sure like to make a public comment asking what is the status of the Roger and Dot Abbott homicide investigation. It's been more than 4 months since this heinous crime, and Dunwoody PD has been all but silent after their initial no-comment posture during the first part of the investigation.

While the Mayor is really pleased that they caught his home invaders within 8 minutes of his 911 call, no one seems to be speaking for the Abbotts.


Wishbone Nolan said...

Oh, the little people, how sorry I am for the burden of your failed and useless lives.

My, how swiftly the small minds of Dunwoody turn on their our police force. I'll bet the Dekalb County Police Department is relieved they no longer have to kiss the arrogant arses of Dunwoodians.

Why make such an untrue and belligerent statement that no one is speaking for these unfortunate victims and infer that the Dunwoody Police Department is uncaring? Why not make a civilized inquiry of the police?

I'm sure the Dunwoody Police Department would share something with us if they felt it pertinent for the general public to know.

Perhaps the Dunwoody Police Department has tactical investigative reasons for not revealing all the evidence they have gathered. Or perhaps the Dunwoody Police are only sharing this information with the immediate family and choose not to do the same with grown men who still go by little boys' nicknames.

Really folks, the Dunwoody Police have been doing a great job; please let them continue. I'm sure these brave men and women are doing everything possible to solve this grievous crime. Let's allow them to do this.

Dunwoody Mom said...

I drive by the Abbott's at least twice daily, and each time I drive by I do wonder what the status is of the investigation.

No one is "turning" on the DPD, but for those of us who live near this murder and update would be nice, and appropriate, I believe.

DunwoodyPerson said...

Wishbone has promised twice to leave this blog. His word is mud.

Wishbone Nolan said...

"Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in."
Michael Corleone

Of course I have to get back in the game when my wife reports back to me of unfair comments directed to the Dunwoody Police Department.

Why do my fellow citizens of Dunwoody have to be so nasty? Why couldn't the commenter have just made an inquiry of the Dunwoody Police Department like, "We are very concerned and anxious to find out the latest status of the Abbott homicide investigation, as we have empathy for the victims' family and friends and are worried about our own families' safety." instead of popping off with a smart-ass dictum that the Dunwoody Police don't give a damn about the victims.

I really can't believe you others are supporting these type of curt and imperious remarks that were clearly an iniquitous effort to taint the courageous men and women of the Dunwoody Police Department with callousness and apathy, but I guess that goes with the territory of being entitled Dunwoodians with inherited wealth expecting life's fortunes to continue to be handed over to you at the snap of your greedy little fingers.

Chip said...

Sorry, Wishbone, but I'm out of town and couldn't respond to your bombast in a timely fashion.

You certainly like to attack straw men you set up, and aren't afraid to throw in a few red herrings now and then.

My request for an update was nothing more than a request. The Dunwoody Police have a system for publishing press releases, and they haven't update their story since July 12, 2010. A simple, "the investigation continues" would have been "an update."

You're interpretation of my remarks (plus implicating your wife as the initial source of the interpretation) reminds me of an old guy we all know name of "Adam". Seems he ate an apple he shouldn't have, and when he got caught, he blamed it on his wife!!!

And to the point of "speaking for the Abbott's" of course the family and friends are involved; but my request shows a broader interest of the community-at-large for fellow citizens. If I'm not putting too much romanticism into it, I thought that was also part of what Dunwoody wanted to be--a place where people cared about their neighbors.

Go drink some more vinegar, Wishbone.


Dunwoody Dad said...

The Dunwoody Police Department does not have the resources to solve a crime of this magnitude. Remember, they are still (and will be for a long time to come) a small town police department.

It will be up to the G.B.I. to solve this and I am sure they are working on it dilligently.

Dunwoody Mom said...

I have no doubt that all of the proper authorities are working on this, but it's been almost 4 months and as a worried neighbor with 2 children, an update of any kind would be welcome.

Anonymous said...

DM - Have you called the Dunwoody PD Public Information Office? That would be a good step. If it can be publicly said, the PIO would tell you.

TwoDogsTrucking said...

“The Secret Service can help us with calligraphers and stuff like that,” said Dunwoody Police spokesman. The FBI is helping with the general investigation. We’re seeking all the help we can get.” Champion newspaper 07/23/10
My question, did they ask DeKalb Police to assist. DeKalb has far more experience, resources and manpower for these type of investigations than Dunwoody.

Wishbone Nolan said...

Why, of course, I have to build straw-men when there is an obvious void of character in your comments.

Listen, bottom-line here, is that no inept attempt at eloquence on your part shall hide the fact that you inferred the Dunwoody Police Department and Mayor to be apathetic to the murder victims; this without having made a civilized inquiry of the Department for status on the investigation.

And FYI, in the context you used the word, it should have been spelled "your" not "you're".

Chip said...


One word of caution, don't get into a battle of wits and come so obviously half-armed!

Read my original post. What part of it is incorrect? Has there been an official update since July 12 or not? Has there been any public mention of the case since July 12, or not?

Several Council members expressed regret and sympathy to the family at the time, as was appropriate. Several hoped that a quick resolution and arrest of the perpetrator(s) would be forthcoming.

Four months later, no one has updated the case. Asking the PIO for a personal update doesn't get the story out into the public. That's what the PIO is supposed to do. If the police have concluded that no danger to the general public exists, that the crime was committed as a random act, or that there was a particular relationship between the killers and the Abbotts, any of that information is general enough to be shared, both for the general welfare of the community and in fulfillment of Dunwoody's transparency commitment.

You set up the straw men about dissatisfied Dunwoody elites, vacuous lives, etc. etc. Your adjectives were "small" "belligerent" "imperious" "nasty" "smart-assed"

My adjectives only described the factual aspects of the Dunwoody police posture during the initial investigation. The Dunwoody Police explained why they were compelled, of necessity, to limit information in the early stages. Four months later, it's hard to imagine that every aspect of the case requires that same restriction on information flow.

As for the ad hominem part of your attack on me, I doubt your Momma called you Wishbone on your birth certificate. Either you were named after a turkey neck (my guess), a salad dressing, or the chuck wagon cook on "Wagon Train". So who's hiding where?

If you're concerned by my eloquence, it only shows how small minded and indefensible your position is. If you had any real backbone, you would have simply stated your objections and disagreed.

I apologize for not needing a thesaurus with me to help write my opinion. Regretfully, my parents were of such a mind as to send me to college, and unlike some others (btw, this means you!), I profited from the experience.


Ps. Thank you for the small grammatical correction. It was an inadvertent error, but an error none-the-less.

Chip said...


Let me correct myself, "Wishbone" was the cook on "Rawhide," not "Wagon Train". Pete Nolan was the scout. Perhaps Wishbone Nolan is a nom de guerre combining both?

Secondly, I omitted another possibility: that smart little hero dog on PBS. I impulsively and subconsciously eliminated him for obvious reasons.


Wishbone Nolan said...

Hmmm, I thought my allusion to your eloquence was an obvious attempt at irony on my part. I guess next time I'll have to assess my audience first as to the degree of subtlety I should use.

No, you're (sorry, I guess in your world I should write "your") wrong about my name. "Nolan" is actually my surname, and "Wishbone" is a nickname my Grandpa gave me after my parents divorced and there were custody battles over my siblings and me. It stuck through my days in the service and with friends and family as well.

Not sure why they bothered fighting over us. My Grandpa said that all was required for a divorce was my Daddy saying to my Mom, "I divorce you." three times, then my Daddy taking us older boys and my oldest sister to cook for us, and my Mom keeping the little ones and my other sisters. But my Mom starting seeing a lawyer who said she should have all her children with her.

As to my education, you are correct, no I didn't have anyone to pay for college for me. I left high school for the service, then got my GED years later.

But I should cease this insipient bonhomie as you know I only speak ad hominem, and the next thing you know, I'll be crying in my rye.

Chip said...


Since you like to harp on the nits, why not mention that I failed to put the "d" on "update" in my original post, too? That oversight causes considerable angst every time I think about it.

That way, you can obfuscate, pontificate, and continue to avoid any meaningful response to points raised, while believing(an audience of one, certainly) in your wit and perspicacity.

To correct a misinterpretation and incorrect inference you drew from my previous post, I only said my parents were of a mind to send me to college, not that they paid for college. Turns out, I worked throughout my collegiate experiences and with a combination of scholarships, employment, and now paid-off student loans was able to complete my education. Thanks for another insinuation masquerading as response.

Your allusion to my eloquence was not an example of irony, by the way. Many folks misidentify the uses of irony. More importantly, your use of "inferred" was grammatically incorrect. I had, up to now, been willing to let this one slide. For your continuing (and remedial) education, an inference is a conclusion drawn from an implication. In common usage, the implication is usually an incomplete suggestion, from which both valid and invalid conclusions (inferences) may be drawn.

Now, strictly speaking, you should have written: " implied that the Dunwoody Police Department and the mayor were apathetic...." not " inferred that the Dunwoody Police department and the mayor were apathetic...."

I know you appreciate all this advice on your grammar and syntax, as you are so willing to dole it out! (Oh,oh, oh...can't help myself! You see what I've just done?) I've inferred your appreciation based on the implication of your nit-picking harangue about my inappropriate word-use. No subtlety needed there!!!

Good morning, Wishbone. Please be sure to put a little more vinegar in your rye after you read this.


Wishbone Nolan said...

You can take it or leave it here, but I believe I shall be leaving this unenlightening exchange. I'm thinking from your initial unfounded scurrilous implication directed at the Dunwoody Police Department and the city's Mayor to your imperious thinking that you are "schooling" me is just so much evidence of one proving themselves a pompous ass.

Son, son, son, do you really think that with your little college jobs worked while a middle-class child of entitlement means you have accomplished anything? Please, if anything in this little tete-a-tete we have so enjoyed here, is that maybe you should set aside your arrogance, take a good look in the mirror and realize that you are only an accumulation of your environmental histories that have reinforced your existing favorable consequences, just as my impoverished youth has left me a bitter old man.

However, your failure to comprehend this is also a result of your inferential past (and don't think that my use of "inferential" as opposed to "implied" is ipso facto evidence that you have "schooled" me).

Take care, and hopefully once you come off that high horse of yours and start smelling the flowers, you'll become that pleasant young man that your Momma meant you to be.

Take care, sincerely, take care.

Chip said...

I, too, tire of your mendacity and posturing.

For future reference and in rebuttal of your opinion of me, please know that I am the son of blue-collar parents. My father, like you, achieved his GED certificate. He worked many hours in the meat-packing industry and as a manual laborer, while my mother held a variety of clerical jobs. Neither attended college, but both thought it important their children have that opportunity if possible.

I grew with four siblings and a grandmother in a little salt-box house with only one bathroom. Hardly the plush, dilettante background that you imagine for the rest of your Dunwoody neighbors.

Both sets of grandparents were immigrants, barely able to read or speak English. I am no "entitled" person, to whom life has come easily. Yes, I have benefited from a fine education, again earned and paid-for with my own parents were not able to assist me in that regard. That being said, I am keenly aware of my obligations to them and to society at large to use my acquired skills to work to improve myself, my neighborhood, and my community.

Unlike you, however, I have not let the humbleness of my upbringing saddle me with vindictiveness and bile and regret for things that I never had, nor displeasure at how things turned out. Nor do I feel the need to "level the playing field" by denigrating and dismissing others--- unless they prove themselves to be bullies.

I'm on no "high-horse" except to trash the ignorant, the irascible, the uncivil, and the irresponsible.

We might have had a decent conversation, if you'd only had the class to disagree with me without all the name calling.

Don't think this is just me "howling at the moon"; you've clearly had issues with your posts, before.

Next time you write, leave the invective and the bile and the name-calling out of it. Stick to facts. You'll do better.

By the way, did you ever take your own advice and call the PIO? I'll wager not.

I shall not post on this particular topic further.


Aleister Crowley said...

Hey, fish and Chips dude, it sure reads like you were the one being ignorant, irascible, uncivil, and irresponsible with the accusation of investigative misfeasance that you leveled at the police and mayor in your first comment.

I guess you're just never gonna get that log outta your eye are you? In that case, I guess, just party on unperceiving Chips dude!

DunwoodyTalk said...

Chip and Wishbone,

Please continue to converse. Your dialogue is not only didactic, but also homiletic on both sides. I signed both of you up to tutor kids at the Dunwoody Academy on Womack Road.

Chip, your next article is due Sunday 10 PM so don't let Wishbone or Blogger Bob hinder your work. Operation Donut will convene tomorrow evening - I'll send you preliminary results by secured G-Mail.

Sarah Rogue said...

Boys, please! I think Martin King said, and I only liked him cuz he was a Baptist, said "cant we all get along?" Well, cant you?

People have been kind of ugly to me here and I didnt get really mad. Just be kind.