Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Video of the November 22nd Dunwoody City Council Meeting

Full Meeting Video

Recap, we approved everything presented for vote and though not on the original agenda for a vote the Council approved the further exploration of the GA Music Hall of Fame. We heard that DeKalb County is now willing to offer the City a Dedicated Dispatcher and Separate Radio Channel to retain our 911 dollars.

We had a very preliminary discussion on a future bond referendum whereby funds could be raised by a property tax hike to purchase available green space. Many on the council believed that if we were to go forward, the citizens who would be voting on the decision to raise their own taxes would need as much information as possible and that specific projects (not properties) would need no be clearly vetted, listed and that a specific time line for the funds to be used would also need to be in place.

Since many people don't have the time to attend or even watch the entire City Council meeting, I have created a few highlights for your viewing enjoyment.

00:29:56 Stainless Steel Bike Racks
00:41:41 911 Update offer from DeKalb
01:11:31 Danny Ross, GA Music Hall of Fame
01:50:31 Council Discussion & Vote on GA Music Hall
02:09:49 Heneghan comments on GA Music Hall of Fame
02:23:40 Future Bond Referendum for Green Space


kathrynch said...

John- I appreciate your comments last night. I think you were right on. As one of the 40,000 citizens you represent, I agree that we need to know more of the scope of the City's involvement (read: cost) when there are so many needs for park/recreation improvements.

kathrynch said...

I probably should have clarified that I was talking about the Music Hall of Fame in that previous post.

Wishbone Nolan said...

Yawn...please let me know when you post the video for the topless Ukrainian women organization (FEMEN) protest.

I hear that was really an eye-opener, though my friend, for the life of him, couldn't recall what they were protesting; he thought perhaps they had confused the "Music Hall of Fame" with the "Zoppa-less Hall of Shame", but anyway he appreciated the demonstration. Just sorry I wasn't there!

GaryRayBetz said...

Ah, nice ruse, Wishbone, with your veiled attempt to get more people to attend Dunwoody City Council Meetings!