Monday, February 14, 2011

Revised agenda to Tuesday's Dunwoody City Council Meeting & Greenway Meeting announced

Tuesday's Dunwoody City Council agenda has been modified to put the parks discussion and other master plan discussions at the front of the evening's work session instead of at the end.  There has also been a last minute addition by Councilman Wittenstein for a discussion on a "Possible MOST Legislative Request".  MOST is a Municipal Option Sales Tax that could be put in place instead of a bond referendum.

With back to back meetings (a voting session on the funding of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, followed by a work session with numerous interesting topics), the public will have several public comment segments to choose from.  The Music Hall comes up first therefore if you would like to comment publicly please be there early for the first public comment section but if you would like to discuss the Greenway Plan, the Village Master Plan, impact fees, 911 or any of the other topics; you have the choice of either the Voting session or the Work session to have your comments heard.  City Council members are also available via e-mail and I can tell you that I have gotten more than usual in the last few days therefore if you would like to do that here is a good place to start

The city will be testing out the new video equipment for the first time on Tuesday but a live feed will not be offered until the bugs are worked out, so as usual please feel free to watch the meeting here if you would like to watch on the web. 

The City also announced a special meeting for next Monday to discuss the Greenway plans.

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