Friday, January 21, 2011

Email the Dunwoody City Council with one click.

A week ago I posted a link to e-mail the entire DeKalb County School Board with one click and today numerous people wanted to communicate directly to the Dunwoody Council in order to voice concerns regarding the resolution drafted by Councilman Robert Wittenstein therefore I have created two email links depending if you are a Windows or Mac user.  (On a personal note, I always appreciate a telephone number associated with an e-mail since I get e-mails on my hip and can sometimes immediately return your call to answer your question.)

Mail the City Council - Win PC

Mail the City Council - Mac

In light of numerous emails received by the community the resolution was modified by Robert and resubmitted as he had no intention to submit something to council that was perceived to be so divisive.   Per my conversations with him, he was attempting to draft something that he believed the community could rally around.

The Dunwoody City Council has no vote in this matter and our two School Board representatives, Nancy Jester and Pam Speaks are currently listening to all sides of the story, as are the hired consultants who will be making the final redistricting recommendation to the Acting Superintendent.  I attended the Chamblee meeting on Thursday where I talked directly to Nancy & Pam and can attest that they are receiving many, many emails from the Dunwoody community.  Nancy Jester will also be attending Monday Night's Dunwoody City Council meeting at 7 pm to listen to residents so please take advantage of that if you are interested.  (Register for Public Comment prior to the meeting on a card inside the door and bring it to the City Attorney at the front table.)

Several weeks ago, I posted my personal thoughts on redistricting on my blog and did what I could do to facilitate communication among those affected by the possibility of being redistricted outside the Dunwoody Cluster. I intended to go no further with my personal lobbying crusade on redistricting hoping that the public vetting process would work as intended.   All this being said, I personally thought that the Council shouldn't be overly involved but now it looks as if I may have to take a side, either pro or con against the proposed resolution.


I said...

I think the revised version is much better and I don't see why it would be much of a concern for you to support the resolution, base don your previous comments. It does not advocate for any existing plan and advocates for Dunwoody neighbors who may have children that may be asked to attend schools outside of "the community." I was not a fan of Wittenstein's homestead comments, but this seems like good thing for the council to do.

Kcaj said...
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Bob Fiscella said...

Kudos to Councilman Wittenstein for rewriting the resolution, making it one that the entire city can rally around!

Dad said...

Will the city council take a stand on the crazy idea of splitting Vanderlyn in two? What are those people thinking? Guess home values are more important than children to some.