Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Be prepared when calling 911, use Landlines vs Cell Phones when available.

If you ever have to call 911 for an emergency situation happening at your home, experts recommend that you do so from a traditional land line, if one is available. Cell phones and IP internet phones may not correctly route to the correct 911 center because your closer to a neighboring jurisdictions cell phone tower and/or connection box as the video above shows. Residents living along the borders of communities with different 911 centers need to be well aware and prepared of this happening.

Dunwoody's future partnership with Chatcomm solves this possible routing issue for about half the city as we are surrounded by Sandy Springs (Chatcomm) on two sides therefore emergency cell phone calls near the western and northern City boundaries will connect to the correct 911 service once the service switches over in October. Chamblee, Doraville, Gwinnett and DeKalb County each have their own 911 systems therefore in the case of an emergency called in from a cell phone, try to know which jurisdiction your house is served by for Police, Fire and EMS services.

In the City of Dunwoody, your home is served by Dunwoody Police, and DeKalb Fire / EMS. In the case of emergency, please tell the operator that answers, your proper jurisdictional / city information along with the proper address. The new annexed residents of Chamblee in the Huntley Hills area have already been switched over to the Chamblee 911 center therefore they need to be aware of the change and be ready to state who provides their emergency services.

As an added suggestion, if someone is stricken with a heart attack in the City of Dunwoody, please remember that all Dunwoody Police Cars have been equipped with an AED, therefore Dunwoody Police should also be requested to respond ASAP to assist until the DeKalb EMS arrives.

The video above shows a 2 minute delay of being switched over to the Atlanta 911 center before being connected to the correct DeKalb 911 center. Minutes in an emergency can be life or death and this mistake was very unfortunate but I see it as a learning experience that we all can learn from.

Finally as a sitting member of the Dunwoody City Council who approved the switch to Chatcomm 911, I would like to state that in doing all my research, police ride alongs in Dunwoody & Sandy Springs, tours of Chattcomm and the cost benefit analysis; I still stand behind my decision to switch over to Chatcomm 911 as being the best choice for the City of Dunwoody.

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Rob said...

I certainly support the decision to switch to ChattComm. I've called both before. As a DeKalb resident, and while driving i Sandy Springs. There is a world of difference in how the calls are handled by ChattComm. They do a much better and more professional job. When my life or limb is at stake, I want the best 911 service available. Clearly the City Council made the correct decison to move and join Sandy Springs and other cities in this effort.

Thanks, Rob Augustine