Friday, April 22, 2011

Chatcomm's Smart 911 Service is something every Dunwoody resident should sign up for!

Chattcomm is the only 911 Service in the state to offer you the opportunity to register your household information in advance of you needing the service. Here is another video link that better explains the service.

I just registered my entire family in Smart911 and I highly recommend that do so too.


waterman said...

John - thanks for posting this. Even if I register now, wouldn't my information not be used until Dunwoody cuts over to ChatComm?

Todd Miller said...

John-- really appreciate you posting this. Waterman asked if he should register now even though Dunwoody hasn't cut over yet. The answer is yes, everyone should register because it's a national database so if you are anywhere in the United States that has Smart911, your information can be made available in your time of need. Plus, if your calls are ever routed there as you drive through the area, or if your phone hits the right cell tower, ChatComm will be able to help you better.