Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Planning for the Future? North Peachtree & Tilly Mill Intersection Improvement

For more information, please contact Mr. Rich Hampton, Purchasing Manager at 678-382-6750.


SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

Last I heard, the big open property at this intersection was privatelyowned by a family that intended to build a home on it. (I think I saw that on the City's bulletin board - or something like it.) Has that changed? Or does it have to factor in to the redevelopment plan for these streets?

Chip said...


The RFP does not specify or include handling the cross-traffic from Peeler Road through this intersection.

This proposal should be amended, at a minimum, to include signalization and/or management of east-bound (primarily) and west-bound traffic on Peeler through this intersection.

This project is very similar to one done by Sandy Springs at the tri-intersection of Roberts, Spalding, and Dunwoody Club.

Not dealing with the cross-flow on Peeler is a serious oversight.

Dunwoody Mom said...

Not dealing with the cross-flow on Peeler is a serious oversight.

I live on Peeler and totally agree with this statement. During Rush Hour, there is quite a backup down Peeler toward Chamblee-Dunwoody.

roundpeginsquarehole said...

Not to mention traffic from Peeler turning onto N. Peachtree. It takes forever to turn left toward Tilly Mill, and if you're turning right, you sit there forever waitng for traffic to move. Haven't read the RFP, but Peeler traffic MUST be included in any plan to alleviate conjestion at this corner.

John Heneghan said...

Sorry I can't comment on the substance of an RFP when the issue is already on the street but thank you for making the comments. I am sure they are being read by many.

Please feel free to contact the purchasing manager for more information at 678-382-6750.

Written questions posed to the purchasing manager (usually by bidders) are generally answered in an addendum document that is then available to all.

DunwoodyTalk said...

I live way on the west side of Dunwoody and could not relate to any of this, until today. After a brief drop-off at Dun Elem I went to Brook Run to water the pepper plants.

Leaving Brook Run I made a left, then planned to turn left on Peeler to go home. Well, Tilly Mill light turned first, and I sat in turning lane as car after car turned off Tilly onto Peeler. I could not believe it. 80% of the Till traffic turned onto Peeler headed west toward Cham Dun/PCID. I feel your pain.

Dunwoody Mom said...

Peeler is used as a cut-through to I-285 and, it seems, as if most people assume that 55 is the speed limit on Peeler as well.

Many years ago, several of us that leave on Peeler tried to talk with DeKalb County about any possible measures they could introduce to try and speed down the cars. We were told speed humps were not allowed due to the speed limit of 35 on the road. Just going to one's mailbox is an adventure.

John Heneghan said...

Update on Peachtree & Tilly Mill

Addendum 1 - RFP 11-03

Clearly includes Peeler and gives other details including multi-use path and traffic counts.