Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Possible ARC Transportation Projects for Dunwoody if votors approve the 2012 sales tax.

The Atlanta Regional Commission created a subcommittee called the Atlanta Regional Roundtable which is now presenting an interactive map of the transportation wishes of various communities if a one penny sales tax passes in 2012.  The projects offered must reduce congestion, enhance safety or provide economic development opportunities on a regional level to be considered.  As much as we would have wanted to ask that all the streets of Dunwoody be repaved in this call for projects, it wasn't what they were asking for.  If the regional sales tax is approved by the voters in 2012, these are some of the possible projects that have yet to be vetted and pared down by the roundtable.

The City of Dunwoody submitted five items that were already previously identified by the ARC in prior transportation plans and batted around adding other projects like Tilly Mill and North Peachtree but in the end went with our Public Works Directors recommendations. In using the map above, I drew a box around the City and extracted the possible project documents below.

BRT 285 Hammond TIA-FN-028.pdf
Chamblee Dunwoody Improvements TIA-DK-063.pdf
Cumberland BRT TIA-FN-009.pdf
Doraville Rail TIA-DK-058.pdf
Dunwoody Marta Station TIA-DK-005.pdf
Hammond Widening TIA-FN-010.pdf
KSU Bus TIA-CO-014.pdf
Marta Platform Lighting TIA-AT-015.pdf
Marta Station Improvements TIA-M-010.pdf
Marta Tunnel Lighting TIA-M-005.pdf
Marta Tunnel Vent TIA-M-006.pdf
Mt Vernon Improvements TIA-DK-069.pdf
Rail line Doraville to Dunwoody TIA-DK-004.pdf
Traffic management TIA-FN-038.pdf


Mark said...

Thanks for the information, John. Your timing is good as I just came home to find a mailing from Revive285. Maybe we'll get some better traffic flow and more attractive auto alternatives before long. My scooter works beautifully for me, but I can't recommend that to everyone.

Tasneem said...

Hi John,
I'm glad that options to improve transportation in the Perimeter area are being actively discussed. In reading your post and looking at the map, I noticed that the box you drew around the City of Dunwoody ends at Tilly Mill Road. The City of Dunwoody's border is actually Winters Chapel Road, not Tilly Mill Road. I would hate for the regional transportation discussions to exclude that part of Dunwoody.