Thursday, December 8, 2011

City of Dunwoody Honored with Atlanta Regional Commission’s Green Communities Certification

Bobbi Sedam, Connie Morelle, Danny Kanso, Rebecca Keefer, Warren Hutmacher, Denis Shortal.
The City of Dunwoody is honored to receive the Green Communities Silver Level Certification from the Atlanta Regional Commission in recognition of its efforts to reduce Dunwoody’s environmental footprint. The sustainable policies and ordinances adopted by City Council have propelled Dunwoody to the Silver Level certification and have impacted all departments of the City. The City officially received the award in a ceremony held yesterday afternoon at the Atlanta Regional Commission offices in Atlanta.

“This award recognizes Dunwoody’s continued dedication to sustainability by reducing our environmental footprint” stated Rebecca Keefer, Director of Sustainability. “The Green Communities Silver certification supports Dunwoody’s positive image as an amazing place to live and conduct business while setting a strong example for those seeking to reduce their environmental impact.”

Because of the Sustainability Commission the City has implemented policies requiring all new government buildings to have high efficiency plumbing fixtures, as well as, implementing a Complete Streets Policy emphasizing the need for the public right-of-way to accommodate a variety of users including motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders. The City Council adopted an LED Traffic Signal Policy in 2010, which eliminated the use of incandescent halogen bulbs in traffic signals. To date, 100% of all lights have been converted to LED bulbs, three years ahead of schedule.

Dunwoody’s efforts in sustainability date back to the first days of Cityhood. In December 2008 the Mayor and Council established the Dunwoody Sustainability Commission as a permanent advisory board. The Sustainability Commission convenes monthly to share research, ideas, and draft ecofriendly policies and ordinances in which to minimize environmental impacts of both the City and the community at large.

For additional information regarding Dunwoody’s Green Communities Certification please contact Rebecca Keefer, Director of Sustainability, at or 678-382-6700. For more information on the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Green Communities Program please visit their website at


Pattie Baker said...

What a beautiful photo, and what a terrific accomplishment for our young city. There are so many entry points to a conversation about sustainability, and I am particularly touched to see multi-generational stewardship for our city's resources.

Thank you, John, for being a champion of sustainability as a core tenet of our city from before the city even started operating.

Repeal_Georgia_HB87 said...

If you truly are sincere in wanting to be a green community, then please help Georgia agriculture and the state’s economy by repealing Georgia House Bill 87!

Georgia produce and fruit is laying scorned on the ground, falling rotten from the trees, has started fermenting on the vines, and come spring the fields shall remain fallow with no one to seed them!

HB-87 was similar to George W Bush’s foray in Iraq – with neither forethought as to the lasting ruinous ramifications of sectarian violence nor an endgame.

Where have you gone, Jimmy Carter? Our crooked state turns its lonely eyes to you. Woo-woo-woo.

Repeal_Georgia_HB87 said...

As I know the folks of the Dunwoody are having problems getting quality lawn care for their lavish estates under the current governor’s racist policies, hopefully because of their selfish self-indulgence the people of Dunwoody will see to it to help Georgia agriculture and the state’s economy by supporting the repealing of Georgia House Bill 87.

Where have you gone, Jimmy Carter? Our crooked state turns its lonely eyes to you. Woo-woo-woo.