Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DeKalb School System sells sliver of land at old middle school site to upgrade Dunwoody water pressure. New $250,000 Running Track at Peachtree?

The agenda for the DeKalb County School System showed two interesting items, please click the link below and see items 11 & 13.


H. 11. Approval to Sell 0.33 acre located on the old Chamblee Middle School Property

I believe the under ground water pumping station in the Silver Boxes shown above at Peeler & Shallowford / Chamblee Dunwoody roads will be moved to a back corner of the vacant Chamblee Middle School property down the street.  As this is DeKalb County School Property the City has limited jurisdiction but it does look a little close to a house on Chamblee Dunwoody?  See the attachments in the link above under number 11.

H. 13. Capital Improvement Plan Budget Reallocation (421)

An external adjustment for the Peachtree Middle School track refurbishment project which reallocates $250,000 in funds from Program Contingency to Construction to allow the necessary funds to be available in the proper codes.  See Excel Spreadsheet in the link above under number 13.  Track to be built during the Summer.

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