Saturday, April 14, 2012

Atlanta Colt Cheerleaders are the National Champions

Congratulations to the ACYA Competition Squad for their first place win at the US Finals in Orlando this morning! The Colts were in a very competitive division with a lot of talented squads. This is a huge achievement and the park is so proud of these girls and their families! Go Colts!

Awesome job Ariana Cohen, Caroline Henderson, Jenna Hogan, Olivia Milam, Christy Holloway, Anna Kemmerly, Jenah Clarkson, Jessica Gibson, Ashton Harbin, Lauren Callihan, Taylor Pressnall, Meaghan Pressnall, Katie Henderson, Hannah Wise, Carson Harran, Ashley Brown, Issy Regas, Lexie Clarkson, Kendall Evans, Olivia Harbin, Anna Edwards and their coaches - Lindsay Fowler, Holly Trizzino, Laura Hogan and Kelley Gibson.

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