Saturday, April 21, 2012

City of Dunwoody is making plans for Memorial Day

On Monday, May 28th the City of Dunwoody will be holding a Memorial Day Ceremony at Brook Run Park.  Exact times and details are still being firmed up but I wanted to announce now it so that calenders could be blocked out.  In preparation, I have posted a video that is a reminder to all of us the debt we owe and below are a few of the many benefits that our service members deserve. 

GI “Aid in Attendance,”

An assisted-living facility in Dunwoody will host an informational session on a veterans' benefit that's often overlooked.

Plantation South Dunwoody, a senior-living, assisted-care facility, has scheduled the session for the senior benefit at 9:30 a.m. April 28 at 4954 Barclay Dr. The session is open to veterans who may qualify for the benefit and their caregivers.

GI Bill - Georgia Perimeter College makes it easy to return to school.

Education subsidized through the GI Bill has always been an incentive for many soldiers who serve the armed forces. Soldiers and sailors returning from active and reserve duty want to return to the work force and often need to update their skills to gain productive employment. The best source for skills and certifications is higher education, either through accredited schools online or on campus.

The returning veteran has several options to continue their education. The financial benefits of the GI Bill determine how much copay the veteran is expected to share, and the post 911 benefits are different from the pre-911 GI Bill benefits. If a soldier is eligible for both the Montgomery GI Bill and the post-911 GI Bill, he or she will at some point have to choose a program. The amounts reimbursed differ some but here are the reimbursements in a nutshell:

The GI Bill reimburses fees and tuition to the school directly and pays housing and book payments directly to you. If the student attends a public or state university, all tuition and fees are paid for full time students. If the student attends a private university, there is a cap of $17,500 annually. Housing allowance is paid for E-5 or better, payable directly to the student. If the student is enrolled in distance learning only, they will only receive one half of the housing allowance. All of the reimbursements and fees are based on length of service.

The GI Bill also pays for trade school and vocational school through a BAH payment during the months of training. The expectation from the GI Bill is that the student is being paid for apprenticeship by the local union or trade school and the GI Bill pays a stipend in the form of a percentage of the BAH. The GI Bill will also pay for books and supplies, depending on the program.

Over 1800 school and universities, (including Georgia Perimeter College who has an active military student population) are working together to assure that veterans will not lose college credit from multiple transfers and duty stations. Other eligible education facilities for the GI Bill funding include flight schools, graduate and undergraduate degrees, licensing, vocational training, on-the-job training, correspondence schools, distance learning schools through the internet, entrepreneurship training and national testing programs. The Service members Opportunity Colleges program (SOC) coordinates the on-duty education credits with the after service attendance so the student can receive all of the educational credits earned, instead of losing credits earned because of military transfers and relocations.

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Daughter of the Poet said...

Cheap Seats, the Cincinnati Gardens, Professional Basketball, 1959

The less we paid, the more we climbed. Tendrils
of smoke lazed just as high and hung there, blue,
particulate, the opposite of dew.
We saw the whole court from up there. Few girls
had come, few wives, numerous boys in molt
like me. Our heroes leapt and surged and looped
and two nights out of three, like us, they'd lose.
But "like us" is wrong: we had no result
three nights out of three: so we had heroes.
And "we" is wrong, for I knew none by name
among that hazy company unless
I brought her with me. This was loneliness
with noise, unlike the kind I had at home
with no clock running down, and mirrors.

William Matthews