Saturday, April 21, 2012

Doraville Mayor Donna Pittman visits Lemonade Days

Mayor Donna Pittman of Doraville

This evening I had the distinct pleasure of running into Doraville Mayor, Donna Pittman and her husband Winston as they strolled the promenade of Lemonade Days. We had a lovely chat on various topics and I could tell that she is really excited for the future of the City of Doraville as she danced around the future of the GM Plant and the recent annexation which expanded the city's borders. We discussed more joint ventures and partnerships between our two cities as with the annexation there are no longer any "Unincorporated Islands" between us.

Finally we also discussed the proposed crosswalk at Stonington which has been discussed at three City Council Meetings and she was very upbeat that this would come to fruition. The financial details and the the formal IGA (inter-governmental agreement) has yet to be hammered out but when that is finally complete it would then need to be ratified by both councils.

Look at the wonderful smile on the Mayor of Doraville, as she knows that great things are in store.

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Daughter of the Poet said...


Single star
above the moon

Face drawn pale
of love dispensed

Oh, to see your eyes
turn all their inner weathers
to a smile,

Your lips,
leaves falling asleep,
speak the deep of a kiss
to say you as you are inside my breath

you are the heartbeats
ringing in my heart.

gary ray betz