Friday, April 6, 2012

Dunwoody City Council Agenda for Mon April 9th

Monday, April 9th
Dunwoody City Hall
41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346
6:00 p.m. - Work Agenda (Exec Session?)
7:00 p.m. - Voting Agenda
Watch Live at 7 pm

Public Hearing & Second Read: Ordinance Amending Chapter 16, Section 16-86 of the Land Development Code Related to Grading.

Discussion of Film and Video Policy and Related Fees.

Second Read: Ordinance Amending to Chapter 4 of the City of Dunwoody Code of Ordinances by Authorizing an Exception to the Full-Service Kitchen Requirements for Retail Consumption Licensees. (Growler Proposal)

ACTION ITEM: Resolution Declaring a Legislative Finding Regarding the Need for Redevelopment (Project Renaissance).

ACTION ITEM: Resolution Naming a 35 Acre Redevelopment Area Pursuant to the Legislative
Finding of the Need for Redevelopment (Project Renaissance).

FIRST READ: Amendments to Chapter 16 Related to Streams and Stream Buffers.

Discussion of Subdivision Renaming Policy.

ACTION ITEM: Approval of Lemonade Days Signage Request.

Discussion of 2011 Sidewalk Construction Contract Amendment.

Public Hearing & First Read - Amendment to Chapter 10, Business and Occupation Taxes, Licenses
and Regulations re: Secondhand Dealers.

Discussion of Sole Source Vendor Approval.

Discussion of Pedestrian Crossing.  (Stonington / Tilly Mill - Heneghan Request, City Reply, Traffic Count and Recommendation.) City recommends placement of this crosswalk on City of Doraville property on Tilly Mill near Stonington but several council members have questioned doing capital projects outside city boundaries (by just feet) even when the infrastructure will only be serving Dunwoody residents / tax payers.

Discussion of Prevention and Enforcement of Signs.


Joe Seconder said...

Stream Buffer Re-Write is loaded with loopholes, exemptions and ambiguity. New Exemptions: 14. Existing: 5. With the new Ordinance, the Stream Buffer is not applicable to residential properties in Dunwoody per Sec. 16-258, (b) Exemptions (8) Single Family residentially-zoned parcels platted prior to December 1, 2008.


Current: 75-ft Undisturbed
Proposed: 50-ft Undisturbed + 25-ft of "impervious cover" with "limited" grading, filling and earthmoving.

jag9244 said...

Joe, the stream buffer rewrite appears to be more penal and more anti-property rights than the previous buffer ordinance.
What loopholes don't you like - is it that a property owner has the ability to defend himself in court, rather than spending up 5 years in prison for not hiring a lawyer and environmental engineer for a simple landscaping project?

I agree, these greedy tax farmers should be forced from their homes without judicial review, and their home should be bulldozed and greenspace erected in it's carbon footprint...

I just don't get these greedy property owners these days... these same greedy bastards who are attempting to defy these local Agenda 21 code rewrites by trying to use Constitutionally afforded protections in the judicial system. I too find it sickening.

John Heneghan said...

This was a message the Council received today via email, point on as far as I am concerned.

Dear Dunwoody City Council Members,

I gather that there will be a discussion of a sidewalk on Tilly Mill at Stonington at the city council meeting this coming Monday. I would like to express my strong support for this sidewalk. I would like to address, in particular, the issue of city boundaries.

I now live on Stonington, but I lived off of Winters Chapel back before the city was incorporated. I remember being delighted when DeKalb county started installing the sidewalk along Winters Chapel, and I remember being disappointed when the sidewalk crew stopped before filling in the gap in the sidewalk at the townhouse community, because it was a few short feet outside DeKalb. That gap that is only now being filled in, many years later.

Do we really need to make the same mistake all over again? Shouldn't all citizens be allowed to have safe roads, not just those who live well within city boundaries? Isn't this the sort of petty bureaucratic silliness that Dunwoody was supposed to avoid?

Thank you.

John Heneghan said...

My reply to the resident.

Thanks for your note to council. The item on Monday is regarding a crosswalk (vs. a sidewalk but little difference) and I completely agree with you especially when we are talking just feet outside the city boundaries.

This crosswalk was proposed by me to be solely within the City of Dunwoody boundaries located just North of Binghamton but staff recommends that it be located at Stonington about 100 feet South (because of the curve and sight distances at Binghamton) which would put the crosswalk where Dunwoody is on one side and Doraville on the other.

As there are no Doraville residents in the area and only Dunwoody citizens who would use the crossing, I have no problem with the City of Dunwoody solving our own safety problem by funding and installing the project (with Doraville concurrence).


Daughter of the Poet said...

I spy you -
staring forlornly mournfully
into the Seine from the Pont Neuf.

I stealthily sidle up behind you,
and with vapored breath,
scatter honey flaxen hair
from the nape of your neck
until I uncover your ear.

But you think it
a gentle breeze
come up from the river,
that whispers -

"The city is small, for those
who embrace a love like ours"

But alas, I wake,
before I would have
you turn to me with
your dazzling billboard blond smile
and I melt into your eternity...

Gary Ray Betz

Tasneem said...

Dear Dunwoody City Council Members:
I live in the Winter Rose Subdivision off Winters Chapel Road and would like to express my support for the crosswalk at Stonington.

This issue is almost identical to the boundary issues we face on Winters Chapel Road. Although my subdivision and all of the other residential properties on the west side of Winters Chapel Road are in Dunwoody, a number of the residences' frontage is in fact, in Gwinnett County. Dunwoody City Govt. has coordinated with Gwinnett County to complete the gaps in the sidewalk along Winters Chapel Road and I urge Dunwoody City Council to put in the crosswalk on Stonington.

Although technically in Doraville, the crosswalk solely benefits residents of Dunwoody and Dunwoody City Council should pay for this.

Tasneem Malik