Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dunwoody Community Garden - Plant Sale starts Friday at Brook Run

Ms. Diana Wood preps an entire green house of plants for sale.


Greg said...


Who are the sponsors for this plant sale? Has a business license been issued to sell produce/plants on public property? How does this sale differ from the every Wednesday produce sale?

Why isn't Bob Lundsten calling about "the slippery slope?" Just checking, because I know Bob wouldn't want us to violate any ordinances just to favor or promote one of his personal activities.

After all, jam or plants, it's all the same...commercial sales!

Greg said...

Oh, by the way, FarmerBob, That's Section 25:15 of the Code. I know you hate to have to look stuff up.

Daughter of the Poet said...

The Schoolboy

I love to rise in a summer morn,
When the birds sing on every tree;
The distant huntsman winds his horn,
And the skylark sings with me:
Oh, what sweet company!

But to go to school in a summer morn, —
O it drives all joy away;
Under a cruel eye outworn,
The little ones spend the day
In sighing and dismay.

Ah then at times I drooping sit,
And spend many an anxious hour;
Nor in my book can I take delight,
Nor sit in learning's bower,
Worn through with the dreary shower.

How can the bird that is born for joy
Sit in a cage and sing?
How can a child, when fears annoy,
But droop his tender wing,
And forget his youthful spring?

O father and mother, if buds are nipped,
And blossoms blown away;
And if the tender plants are stripped
Of their joy in the springing day,
By sorrow and care's dismay, —

How shall the summer arise in joy,
Or the summer fruits appear?
Or how shall we gather what griefs destroy,
Or bless the mellowing year,
When the blasts of winter appear?

William Blake

Wise Acre said...

Looks like somebody got "schooled"! Good points you brought up, Mr. Greg!

What's good for the goose is good for the gander, ain't it so? Honk! Honk! Honk!

Daughter of the Poet said...


Celery, raw
Develops the jaw,
But celery, stewed,
Is more quietly chewed.

Ogden Nash

Bob Lundsten said...

Greg you are just an ass. Not funny, not sarcastic, not even clever
For the record, I have nothing to do with the organization the runs the greenhouse and I am not a member of the Community Garden Board. I simply raise fresh vegetables for the St. Pat’s Food Pantry across the street.
It is only Thursday night, so why don’t you actually go do something except shoot off your big mouth and call the City and complain. Call the Police and have the sale shut down. Go arrest a Girl Scout next time you eat a cookie.
You want to pick a fight with a non- profit?
Then go after Lemonade Days for their five day event or every Church sale in the City. Go after the girl Scouts for selling cookies in front of Kroger. Go after the Friends of the Library for selling books to raise funds.
If you don't know the difference between commercial sales for profit and non-profits raising money for non- profit organizations, you are dumber than I thought. Not clever, not funny, but incredibly stupid
As for the plant sale at the green house, there are no sponsors other than the Community Garden itself, a non- profit with all the proper paper work filed with the state. If I am not mistaken, they have approval of the Parks Director as specified by our CODE (see below). They have also met all the requirements of the sign ordinance. There are no people lining their pockets with the goods from a commercial venture. There is nothing vague here in the code.
This garden is responsible for DONATING thousands of pounds of fresh food to the Food Pantry last year: nothing commercial, nothing for profit and no professionally manufactured food items.
I have had a really bad day. Maybe I will apologize in the morning, but in your case I sincerely doubt it
You no longer amuse me you just annoy me.

Sec. 25-35. - Commercial activity restricted.
It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, partnership, cooperative, nonprofit membership corporation, joint venture, association, company, corporation, agency, syndicate, estate, trust, business trust, receiver, fiduciary or other group, organization or combination acting as a unit to sell or offer for sale any merchandise or operate or attempt to operate a concession or engage in any commercial or charitable activity in a recreation facility unless approved by permit, by the director or the director's agent.
If you think they are in violation, then turn them in. Call Warren or Brent or get a legal opinion. At least get a clue about what you are talking about.

Daughter of the Poet said...

Why the Jackass Laughs

The Boastful Crow and the Laughing Jack
Were telling tales of the outer back:
"I've just been traveling far and wide,
At the back of Bourke and the Queensland side;
There isn't a bird in the bush can go
As far as me," said the old black crow.
"There isn't a bird in the bush can fly
A course as straight or a course as high.
Higher than human eyesight goes.

There's sometimes clouds -- but there's always crows,
Drifting along for a scent of blood
Or a smell of smoke or a sign of flood.
For never a bird or a beast has been
With a sight as strong or a scent as keen.
At fires and floods I'm the first about,
For then the lizards and mice run out:
And I make my swoop -- and that's all they know --
I'm a whale on mice," said the Boastful Crow.

The Bee-birds over the homestead flew
And told each other the long day through
"The cold has come, we must take the track."
"Now, I'll make you a bet," said the Laughing Jack,
"Of a hundred mice, that you dare not go
With the little Bee-birds, by Boastful Crow."

Said the Boastful Crow, "I could take my ease
And fly with little green birds like these.
If they went flat out and they did their best
I could have a smoke and could take a rest."
And he asked of the Bee-birds circling round:
"Now, where do you spike-tails think you're bound?"
"We leave tonight, and out present plan
is to go straight on till we reach Japan.

"Every year, on the self-same day,
We call our children and start away,
Twittering, traveling day and night,
Over the ocean we take our flight;
And we rest a day on some lonely isles
Or we beg a ride for a hundred miles
On a steamer's deck,* and away we go:
We hope you'll come with us, Mister Crow."

But the old black crow was extremely sad.
Said he: "I reckon you're raving mad
To talk of traveling night and day,
And how in the world do you find your way?"
And the Bee-birds answered him, "If you please,
That's one of our own great mysteries".

Now these things chanced in the long ago
And explain the fact, which no doubt you know,
That every jackass high and low
Will always laugh when he sees a crow.

Banjo Paterson

GaryRayBetz said...

Stop riding my ass so hard, said the mule skinner.

jag9244 said...

This week in Tax Farmers News:

"It shall be unlawful for any person, ....... operate or attempt to operate a concession or engage in any commercial or CHARITABLE activity in a recreation facility unless approved by permit."

There are now two sets of rules - One for public officials, pensioners, Agenda 21ers and another for the tax farmer.

Next Week; Who really owns your children?

Greg said...

Farmer Bob:

Name calling is the last retort of a man who has lost his argument.

I suppose you had a vested interest in jam sales, that got you all incensed about the slippery slope?

And, btw, I did follow your advice, got a list of recently approved permits and found, to my horror, that the plant sale had not requested or been issued one!

This is a violation of the Code, Bob. And you should be on it like a "duck on a junebug" from your previous actions.

I'm sorry that you feel so hostile toward me for bringing up the "facts in evidence". I would have thought you'd be more appreciative of being "tutored" and "educated" since it seems to be one of your trumps.

To paraphrase...everyone knows I love to argue, especially when I know I'm right, and the other side is dealing from emotion and can only call names.


BTW, what I choose to do with my Thursday nights is still my business, and if I want to demonstrate how inconsistent and emotional you often are in defense of your "higher knowledge and experience", well, that's better than watching "The Mentalist" anyday.