Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Video and recap of April 9th Dunwoody City Council Meeting

Below are the items discussed this evening and a recap of the votes and/or my interpretation of what I heard marked in red.  Future speculation as to future council votes are just that, speculation.

Public Hearing & Second Read: Ordinance Amending Chapter 16, Section 16-86 of the Land Development Code Related to Grading. (PASSED as Presented)

Discussion of Film and Video Policy and Related Fees.  (Expect this to PASS at future meeting, little Council opposition in discussion though discussion stemmed around signage and possible revisions.)

Second Read: Ordinance Amending to Chapter 4 of the City of Dunwoody Code of Ordinances by Authorizing an Exception to the Full-Service Kitchen Requirements for Retail Consumption Licensees. (Growler Proposal) (PASSED as Presented)

ACTION ITEM: Resolution Declaring a Legislative Finding Regarding the Need for Redevelopment (Project Renaissance).  (PASSED as Presented)

ACTION ITEM: Resolution Naming a 35 Acre Redevelopment Area Pursuant to the Legislative Finding of the Need for Redevelopment (Project Renaissance).  (PASSED as Presented)

FIRST READ: Amendments to Chapter 16 Related to Streams and Stream Buffers(Slowed way down to a three month process with full vetting of Dunwoody civic boards prior to change.  Looking to change definition of what is a Stream only.)

Discussion of Subdivision Renaming Policy(Expect this to PASS at future meeting, little Council opposition in discussion.  Maybe tweeking details based on council questions?)

ACTION ITEM: Approval of Lemonade Days Signage Request. (PASSED as Presented)

Discussion of 2011 Sidewalk Construction Contract Amendment(Expect this to PASS at future meeting, little Council opposition in discussion.)

Public Hearing & First Read - Amendment to Chapter 10, Business and Occupation Taxes, Licenses and Regulations re: Secondhand Dealers(Expect this to PASS at next meeting, little Council opposition in discussion.)

Discussion of Sole Source Vendor Approval (Expect this to PASS at future meeting, little Council opposition in discussion.)

Discussion of Pedestrian Crossing.  (Stonington / Tilly Mill - Heneghan Request, City Reply, Traffic Count and Recommendation.) City recommends placement of this crosswalk on City of Doraville property on Tilly Mill near Stonington but several council members have questioned doing capital projects outside city boundaries (by just feet) even when the infrastructure will only be serving Dunwoody residents / tax payers. (Good discussion, Council agrees with the need for crosswalk but funding aspect questioned.  Mayor to meet with Doraville & DeKalb. Should be able to be worked out with swapping services with Doraville for the infrastructure improvement within Doraville.)


John Heneghan said...

Ms. Gerri Penn who is pictured at the top of this blog post gave a wonderful recap of the circumstances on Tilly Mill at the public comment section of the meeting whereby she compiled feedback from various aspects of the community, all of whom are looking for this improvement. Since Ms. Penn was kind enough to provide me written copy of her text, I will paste it here for all to see.

Crosswalk on Tilly Mill Road Speech to City Council

My name is Gerri Penn and I am a 31 year resident of Dunwoody North. I am speaking on behalf of the Dunwoody North Civic Association in my role as President in support of a crosswalk on Tilly Mill Rd. at either Binghamton or Stonington Rd. One of our Board members did not understand why the crosswalk cannot be at Binghamton and Tilly Mill Rd. since there is a Marta bus stop there and that seems to be a logical place for a crosswalk. Another Board member pointed out that if the crosswalk is placed at Stonington Rd., pedestrians will have to cross three lanes and at Binghamton they only have to cross two lanes making Binghamton the safer location.

The Civic Association represents the Dunwoody North Communities which is comprised of about 1,000 homes on both sides of Tilly Mill Rd. One of our residents contacted John Heneghan about a crosswalk at Tilly Mill and Binghamton Rd. He is a walker as are his kids and did not think there was a safe way to cross Tilly Mill Rd. He is out of town and cannot be here tonight.

The President of the Dunwoody North Driving Club is also in support of a crosswalk that would make it safer for kids as well as adults on the east side of the subdivision to bike or walk to the pool or tennis on the west side of the subdivision. Our City is encouraging walking and biking and currently there is no safe connectivity between our two sides of the subdivision to do either. Some of the Board members concerns are enforcement of a crosswalk. Drivers need to know that our police force will enforce crosswalks in our City. Other Board members asked if the walk would be lit to make it clear that this is a crosswalk and motorists must stop. Another suggestion is to have a button to push so walkers and bicyclists can cross safely.

We had to drive our kids to the pool and schools on the west side of our subdivision because of the traffic on Tilly Mill Rd. They are now 29 and 32 and the traffic is much worse. We have more cars especially as Perimeter College has grown in student population. It is not safe for kids who have friends on either side of the subdivision to visit each other by walking or biking. In addition, another Board member pointed out that 100’s of the residences like to expand their walks and rides throughout each other’s neighborhoods, also suggesting those wanting to get to Brook Run for events and non-events, like to be able to walk through the quite residential neighborhood of Dunwoody North rather than along Tilly Mill Road and it’s fast a furious drivers.

Please continue to encourage walking and biking in this City by putting in a safe enforceable crosswalk on Tilly Mill Rd at either Binghamton, which doesn’t involve Doraville streets and already has a bus stop or at Stonington Rd. It makes a healthier living style in our community and City.
Thank you for your attention.
Gerri Penn

SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

I just saw a report on road safety in Marietta and had a "eureka" moment.

Is it possible to paint the crosswalk on a speed table?

Kill two birds with one stone? (So to speak....)