Monday, April 23, 2012

Video of the April 23rd Dunwoody City Council Meeting

Recap: Everything presented on the agenda was passed without any real substantive changes except the last item which was a possible stop gap item to pull out of the option to purchase the 19 acre hospital site, was defeated.  This non-vote signified that we are moving forward with the development.

It was announced that the internal review committee (Staff & Council) reviewing the Georgetown Renaissance Project bids believed that there was a viable redevelopment project on the table (there were only two submissions) therefore we are moving into the negotiation phase of the Public Private development.

We have a long way to go before this is final but this was a first step.


Bob Lundsten said...

Only 2 proposals. That is a bit concerning. If the proposals were submitted on Friday and we non voted on Monday.
Not a whole bunch of time to do the due dillegence that a mater of this importance deserves.
I support the concept but once again am concerned about the speed and haste that we seem to find ourselves in more often than not.

GaryRayBetz said...

Interesting that the PVC Farm is being called the Georgetown Renaissance Project.

Is this because of the Machiavellian politics the Mayor utilized in taking away our green space and handing it over to contractors?

Joe Hirsch said...

Actually Gary, the PVC Farm and hospital lands were declared/legally defined by city council and mayor as "slums"... in order for the city to partner with contractors. If the properties were not such dangerous hazards to the public as we are told they are, the city would have no authority to be in the development business. So, anything built where the SLUMS are located will be a "Renaissance"!

dpgroupie said...
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Daughter of the Poet said...

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Daughter of the Poet said...
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Jellocat said...

I live in the condominium community at the end of Pernoshal Ct. (Wellington Place). I believe some of our residents were at the meeting Monday night. I hope they spoke up for all of us that live here in regards to any single family housing that a developer may consider putting on the old Emory hospital property. We are concerned over the density of residences in that area, traffic issues (the traffic light at Pernoshal and N. Shallowford takes forever to change green for those of us trying to exit Pernoshal, especially in the morning). It would be nice if it were just a park, just green space - a place for those of us that live in and around the area (we are Dunwoody citizens, too!) to enjoy. The value of our homes has already dropped tremendously over these last few years, if single family housing is built there our values will continue to dwindle and there will be more traffic to contend with. There are so many places to live in that area - I hate to think that houses are built and then just sit dormant, unable to be sold.

Tara(PoppySeed)Nagel said...

How can destroying a city's green space and increasing the urban density enhance our property values?

Once we lose this green space we will NEVER be able to recoup it. Turning this land into a golf course would be better for our city than what this Georgetown Renaissance Project is going to give us.

What a bunch of total inept morons we have just elected for our city government! Has anyone really taken a good circumspect look at what they are going to do to this part of Dunwoody? Evidently not, or else folks would be marching on city hall!

Tara(PoppySeed)Nagel said...

Has anyone investigated whether cronyism or even nepotism was or will be involved? Or is that just a Nathan Deal thang?

Daughter of the Poet said...

With love's light wings did I o'er-perch these walls;
For stony limits cannot hold love out,
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William Shakespeare from "Romeo & Juliet"