Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dunwoody Dog Park, Principals, Signs, Eagle Project, 911 dispatch, Garden Orchard and Playable Green Space.

  • Austin Elementary & Chesnut Charter School are both looking for new Principals.
  • Having heard only negative comments, I think the wayfinding sign initiative will soon be dropped to focus on other priorities.
  • Kudos to Adam Stecker who recently gave back to the Dunwoody community by renovating the walking paths at Vernon Oaks Park.  Adam is about the third Eagle Scout that I have helped in someway along his journey and is one of the more rewarding aspects of the City Council position.
  • CAD to CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) between Chatcomm 911 and DeKalb Fire is taking longer to figure out then anticipated and it is scheduled to be discussed at the Monday night Dunwoody City Council Meeting.  The system that is currently in place (manual transfer for Fire calls) is the same that Chamblee and other local municipalities use when they have a 911 system separate from DeKalb 911.  CAD to CAD call transfer is the preferred system for fire calls but we have yet to see results due to computer compatibility issues.  Bob Fiscella wrote a piece on his blog and my hopes are that many of the questions on there will be answered on Monday.
Garden wins an Orchard

New Playing Field planted in Brok Run.
This field at the back of Brook Run was filled in and enough grass planted so that regulation soccer field could be installed.  Playable green space where there were once chunks of concrete is a very good thing.

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dpgroupie said...

Thanks for posting the information about the dog park meeting !! I'm gonna call Rick Callihan right now and see if he wants to go with me!