Friday, July 20, 2012

July 23rd Dunwoody City Council Meeting Agenda

Monday, July 23rd
Dunwoody City Hall
41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346
6:00 p.m. - Work Session
7:00 p.m. - Voting Agenda
Watch Live at 7 pm

Magnolia Run Special Event Signage Request
Approval of Lekotek of Georgia Special Event Signage Request.
Review of 7 pm City Council Meeting Agenda


Administer Oath of Office to Officer Caleb Gilbert.
Presentation of Hermes Award for Economic Development Kit.
Approval of Contract Amendment for Ridgelock Court Stormwater Project.
Approval of Mutual Aid Agreement with DeKalb County School District.
Resolution Appointing Sam Portis to Serve as Member of Design Review Advisory Committee.
Magnolia Run Special Event Signage Request
Approval of Lekotek of Georgia Special Event Signage Request.
Resolution to Approve Refinancing of 16 Acre Parcel.
Approval of Contract for Landscape Architect Services for Project Renaissance.
Update on CAD-to-CAD Expenditures.
ACTION ITEM: Approval of a Revised Development Agreement with John Wieland Homes

1 comment:

Joe Seconder said...

John -- Just scanned the 194 pages of the Revised Development Agreement with John Weiland. Can we get Sustainable development practices incorporated into the contract?

Can we consult with Southface and have items such as these incorporated into the contract? Their offices are in Atlanta and they specialize in this area.

* Item 15 (f) Drainage Area on 16 Acre Parcel: "Buyer is responsible for installing and maintaining BMP’s in accordance with Legal Requirements to keep this drainage area reasonably free of additional sediment and debris." -- What about doing something better than minimum "Legal Requirements"? What's to prevent this from becoming another eyesore like DHS?

Rather than creating concrete spillways that concentrate storm runoff use natural systems of vegetated filter strips and shallow channels of dense vegetation. These natural filters remove pollutants while dispersing water flow. Make this an amenity, instead of an eyesore. AND help keep the water clean, too.

* Let's discuss the flora, shrubs, plants, trees; native, drought resistant, bird-attracting / feeding, fruit bearing, etc.

* Let's discuss energy saving & water reduction construction, Earth Craft homes, etc.

* Incorporate & specify permeable pavers, reduction of groundwater run off and limiting the use of impermeable surfaces.

* Consider "Green" roofs.

* Incorporate Wastewater Treatment; reuse for irrigation, etc. indoor or outdoor water efficiency

Here's a little bit about Serenbe sustainable community just south of the airport:

* Trails: Item (j) Trail Network - Specifies 8 ft minimum width. All of the trails should be 12-ft minimum. You ever been on the Silver Comet on on the river trail in Roswell on a weekend?

"The tread of a shared-use path should be at least 10 ft wide." "On shared-use paths with heavy volumes of users, tread width should be increased to a range from 12 ft to 14 ft."

* Raised Crossings: Please have Ped/Bike trail crossings at: a) North Shallowford entrance b) interior continuation crossing c) Chamblee-Dunwoody entrance

* North / South Pedestrian Connectivity: On both the 16 & 19 acre plan, it is missing connectivity from the north. There is a multi-family development to the north. It would bevery straightforward to have a 10-ft easement into the 16 acre site. Also on the 16 acre

* 16 acre site / 1.9 acre park on west side: Have diagonal parking instead of perpendicular. Cars can enter & exit easier, and acts as traffic calming.