Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Recap of the July 9th Dunwoody City Council Meeting

Agenda recap - there was only one real vote and that was a procedural item to move the Renaissance property over to the development authority.  Other than that, there was discussion on a few items and I will give the 30,000 ft overview of the important items.

The City of Dunwoody puts out a high quality financial report but more importantly our auditors gave us a clean bill of health this evening.

The City released the branding concept on City Signage and we have already heard from a number of people who do not like the signs or the brand.  The conversation on this topic is just starting and there will be opportunities for public input in the near future.

Councilwoman Bonser added an item to the agenda asking that the City pay for her (as well as Council's) legal bills in all ethics cases. The City Attorney believed it not to be necessary but they will come back after doing more research.  The Dunwoody Board of Ethics will be meeting this evening at 5 pm to discuss the various complaints and though I may be considered a fool, I believe I can easily represent myself on one of the charges levied against me, as I wasn't there. ;-)

Councilman Shortal added an item to the agenda to get an update on the Chatcom 911 system enabling direct computer communication with DeKalb Fire known as "CAD to CAD".  City Manager Warren Huttmacher admitted that a communication glitch was being worked on and hopefully it will be working soon.  Warren stated that this was a top priority of City Hall and that staff was working diligently on getting it operational.

In City related news, this Crime needs to be solved and if it was determined to be a hate crime then the full extent of the law should be utilized.


I'm watching you said...

Please leave the Walmart sign at Walwart.
Only sign #10 doesn't have the Walmart logo so to me you only have one to pick from. #10

SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

I was at the initial sounding board meeting that Edie called to get a first look at the designs. Without going into the pros or cons of the branding initiative itself, I was concerned that City Council had approved designs, methods, and materials that appeared to be inconsistent with the City's own sign ordinance, especially in the village overlay district.

For example, the designers were talking about internally-lit or halo-lit signs for wayfinding in the Village and an LED sign for the cultural center. They're very effective at communicating their info, especially to people who aren't familiar with the area. But anyone else beside the city would have an angry mob screaming at them for daring to suggest an internally-lit sign in the village. (Like WellStreet found out the hard way.)

The "smart" move would be to ensure that city government's signage is consistent with its own laws.

Either ensure that the signage being used is consistent with the sign ordinance everyone else is forced to deal with, or sit back and consider that maybe an ordinance that sounded good on paper really isn't all that practical when put into use. Either one is fine - just be consistent across the board.

Max said...

Is it possible to have a 'source Dunwoody, source DeKalb, source Georgia' policy that encourages the City to buy from local, County or State of Georgia businesses first, before sending tax revenues out of State?

Another appeal of local sourcing is that the 'look and feel' of our community is more readily understood by a local resident.

These images look like antiseptic, way-finding hospital signage and not Dunwoody, in my opinion.

Finally, 'what Adrian said.'

SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

I was thinking the same thing re: local. There are several signage companies and graphic design firms right here in town and/or owned by Dunwoody citizens who would be happy to take a government job.

And for clarity, it's "Adrienne". ;-) Spelling counts!

Joe Seconder said...

Please don't forget about how we'd sign or mark our forthcoming Roundabouts. For city gateways, I like going through a lovely landscaped Roundabout with local art work, statues, and native flora. Then as a real gateway, driving under Roman Arches that are 2,000 years old (or at least appear that way).. So four arches at the N,S,E & W entrances to the city.


But seriously on a related note, when are we going to also have two-way public discussion as to the look & feel of our Streetscapes. Please, please don't have Dunwoody looking just like Sandy Springs, Norcross, or Suwanee. We CAN be unique. During this conversation, we can also discuss public art and eye-pleasing designs with enough guidance to achive the INTENT, but with the LEEWAY for creativity. We're not an HOA and we don't have to have every store front, benches, bike racks, flower pots, etc. all look the same.

Chip said...
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Greg said...


Two things:

1. SDOC is exactly right. At least two of the proposed signs violate the Dunwoody sign ordinance, and should never have been considered!

2. Why did the Council forego the monthly updates requested of Chief Grogan and Warren Hutmacher as to the status of the Chattcomm switch-over? I am surprised to learn that more than 9 months after the changeover, the CAD function has yet to be functional. This was supposed to be complete by March, 2012.

Since I am in your district, I would like to request that you put an agenda item before the Council to publicly disclose the costs of the transfer and any additional costs incurred in this switch over, to date.

I would also ask that you consider appointing or hiring a program manager unrelated to the City to get this issue resolved, promptly.

It appears to this citizen that there is not proper oversight of the process by the people who are currently in charge.


Greg Crnkovich

John Heneghan said...

Greg, I understand and share your concerns on the switchover delay.

I will happily ask to have this item on the next agenda.


Greg said...

Thanks, John.

Joe Seconder said...
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Joe Seconder said...

.and don't forget to become familiar with Roundabouts!! Here's a video of Roswell's first one, installed early last year at the intersection of Grimes Bridge Road and Norcross Street/Warsaw Road. Ignore the narrator: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXVYwK7zM7o&feature=plcp

Mom99 said...

The signs are awful...I can't believe we are wasting time even considering these! I have not spoken to a single person who likes them. PLEASE explore other options.