Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sample July 31st Democratic Ballot for Dunwoody Area

Check your personalized ballot, click here..

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GaryRayBetz said...

Thanks for posting these sample ballots, John.

It's my youngest daughter's first time voting and I will assign her a summer task of writing a paragraph on each respective candidate and referendum, which provides sufficient evidence that she's researched each ballot item. I don't want her to voting just to vote.

My daughter's willingness to participate in this little project will also have bearing on how much I intend to kick in to match her own earnings for her college fund.

As long as they live in my home, I never allow my children to spend a summer unencumbered by the thought process. That's a level of blunted self-actualization that I attempt to achieve 'round my fire ring by early morning's sunrise.