Friday, August 3, 2012

Andrea indicted, park partnership idea, DHA Meeting, DeKalb School starts soon, Hate, Love, Situational Awareness and Marlow's


My wife and boys enjoyed a few weeks away visiting extended family before our lives will get busy with various Fall routines.  If you sent me an email, I am a little behind so please be patient.   Here's a few stories that have crossed my inbox in the last 24 hours.

Andrea Sneiderman arrested, charged with 8 counts by DeKalb County grand jury.

Could a partnership with Brookhaven on park uses be beneficial to both cities? Several people pointed me to Rick's blog and figured I would share.  What about other partnership possibilities or implications?

Dunwoody Homeowners Association
Monthly Meeting
Sunday, August 5, 2012 @ 7:30 P.M.
Room 4 Cultural Arts Center - (Dunwoody Library)

Recap of 4th of July Parade and Pro/Con TSPLOST debate
Discussion of feasible Dunwoody fire and rescue / EMS service
Update on DHS Ball field Restrooms campaign
Update and discussion on Zoning Rewrite Module 1: Zoning District Framework

Every Dunwoody parent with children in the DeKalb County School System must read the Dunwoody School Daze Blog for Principal updates, school registration dates, bus routes and supply lists.  School starts Monday August 13th.

Political games - a sad commentary on hate that is spread even at City Council meetings.

FoodStock 2012: Hundreds of volunteers from the Dunwoody and Sandy Springs communities will work together to assemble 150,000 dehydrated meals for children in need across the globe.

Situational Awareness Class presented Dunwoody Police, Tue Aug 7th

Marlow's Tavern Opens in Heart of Dunwoody


Rob said...

Marlow's is simply - just excellent. The food is great, the staff wonderful, and the management superb. My family is so happy that they are now so nearby. Thank you Marlow's for coming to Dunwoody!

/Rob Augustine

Colleen O'Casey said...
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Rob Augustine - Dunwoody said...

John, probably you should give Marlow's its own, separate article. I'm trying to welcome a new neighbor that we've been hoping would open in Dunwoody for some time. We are very happy they are now open over in Dunwoody Village.

/Rob Augustine

Colleen O'Casey said...
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Colleen O'Casey said...

It seems what is being done locally for these families is very compassionate; therefore, I am very sorry to see the anti-Islamists and anti-Africans spewing their hatred here in Dunwoody and interfering with these altruistic efforts, but you Republicans catered to these right-wing hate factions and these hate-groups are your fellow Republicans now - so, please don't come crying to the rest of the world when they turn on you.

They are only acting as the hate-filled shock troops of Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Republican Congressman Lynn Westmoreland, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck. You Republicans are the folks that must purge them from your party.

I call upon statewide Georgia Republicans and Mitt Romney - do the right thing, as Republicans Senator John McCain and Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner so courageously did, and denounce these hate-groups and their Republican enablers, and stop soliciting their vote.

Jack B. Nimble said...

The Dunwoody Parkway Project has never made one iota of sense to me, and I have yet to find anyone who disagrees. Thank goodness they are rethinking this foolish waste of money.

Welcome Marlows!