Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Dunwoody Sunday Cycle” Begins This Sunday!!

Please mark your calendar for a recurring monthly family-friendly event: Announcing the inaugural Monthly Community Bike Ride in Dunwoody (aka “Dunwoody Sunday Cycle”) on Sunday, September 2nd -- for all ages & abilities - the 1st Sunday of each month. 4.5 miles. Meet at 2:30 pm in the parking lot outside of Bruster's in Dunwoody Village. We'll go thru safety checks and ride orientation. Promptly depart at 3 pm. We travel as a group for the entire route. Riders 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Participating cyclists must wear a helmet.

Note: We will not ride in inclement weather or hazardous road conditions. Ride Year-round.

FaceBook event:


Joe Seconder said...

Bruster's will be offering a discount after the ride, too!

dpgroupie said...

Since Joe and friends are such bike enthusiasts, maybe they can help with this ride to benefit animal rescue:

It's tomorrow - sorry for the late notice, but it's never too late to give to a good cause.

Please post if you want to sponsor someone, and i'll give you contact information.

Thank you!

Joe Seconder said...

The official count from Sunday's ride was 75 riders. For those of you not on the Bike Walk Dunwoody FaceBook page, or maybe you aren’t even ON FaceBook, here’s some photos from yesterday’s bike ride:

On Facebook, they’re posted here:

Many thanks to Dunwoody Police for offering a patrol car to escort and all the volunteers acting as “shepherds”, as well as Barb Schlefman, Catherine Lautenbacher and Sue Weinshenker for helping to organize and get the word out. Most importantly, there were no injuries and Bruster’s didn’t run out of ice cream.