Thursday, March 28, 2013

CBSAtlanta Pothole Patrol proclaims City of Dunwoody does the perfect pothole repair.

Pothole work orders and most corrective repair requests can be made easily by residents on the See Click Fix system and I fully encourage its use for road repair, sign replacements, traffic signals, code enforcement and right of way maintenance.  There are even apps available for your smart phone to submit photos and GIS information of the issue.


Thomas Dunn said...

If Dunwoody considered "Womack RD" a residential street would it require that Dekalb county provide the same level of workmanship there as its contractor did for this apartment-lined street.

Joe Hirsch said...

John, you probably shouldn't suggest people use See-Click-Fix to report code enforcement issues -the city removed that category from the software 2 years ago (after saying Tom was not able to see the requests and Jada was closing all of them as soon as the request was made and not alerting anyone to the requests).

dpgroupie said...

Nice Joe. Just nice. And so soon after Passover.

thekrulls said...

John - I suggest you do an audit of issues submitted on SeeClickFix. Check and see how many open issues there are and how long they've been open/sitting acknowledged.

I submitted this incident over a month ago (the 2nd time) and over two months ago (in January, the 1st time).

An e-mail to Michael Smith at Public Works got a quick response this week, but the problem was reported two+ months ago.

The system is easy to use, but it is far from perfect.

John Heneghan said...

Thanks Joe for that update. To report a code compliance issue inside the City Limits of Dunwoody please call or email our Code Compliance Hotline at or 678-382-6890

thekrulls, thank you for mentioning this and City Management has already reached out to me to inform me that they will be reviewing the back end aspect of SeeClickFix to assure effective administration of the program.

City staff works very hard to measure effectiveness, ROI and customer service and with the SeeClickFix being data heavy as well as being a service where the rubber hits the road it should be easy to run statistics. City management is now aware that this is on my (your, our) radar and I will ask for a report (maybe it should be quarterly or reported in a newsletter/web) of where we are on the timeliness of repairs. A fall back position if not satisfied will be a referral to the Audit Committee.

Finally, I saw a comment elsewhere that the entire street shown above is in bad shape and it is, but it is also slated for repaving in 15 or maybe 14 once the heavy construction trucks on the pipe farm are gone. Anything but band aids now doesn't make sense.