Saturday, March 9, 2013

DeKalb Schools Superintendent Michael Thurmond Public Meeting - Sunday 7:30 at Kingsley Racquet and Swim Club

Michael Thurmond

The Dunwoody Homeowners Association is hosting a public meeting with DeKalb County School System Superintendent Michael Thurmond.

March 10, 2013
Time: 7:30 PM
Kingsley Racquet and Swim Club
2325 N. Peachtree Way
Dunwoody, GA 30338

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John Heneghan said...

Here is the list of folks dropping their name in the hat for DeKalb School Board;

As of note are some Dunwoody residents: (there may be more Dunwoody residents as some in Dunwoody have an Atlanta ZIP code - 30350)

Dunwoody Names:
Shari Ariail
Kate Butler-Plumb
Rick Callihan
Stephen T Chipka
Paula Collins Watson
Jada Cruce
Bob Dallas
Michelle de Liniere
Bob Freeman
Sonny Jester (no relation to Nancy Jester)
Curt Morey
William Mulcahy
Wayne Radloff
Peter Sherman
Brian L Sims
Gulbarg Singh Basi
Celeste Sova Strohl
Long Tran
William N Ware III
Dan Weber

Robespierre said...

I will be sure that I will NOT vote for the candidate that has no concept of how racist a comment was, of referring to a public school teacher's music program at the DES of "banging on bongos, sticks, and chanting" as "jungle music".

In this progressive day and age, a person with such a limited and ethnocentric view of the world has no business on the school board influencing the education of our children.