Monday, March 18, 2013

Michael Thurmond addresses DeKalb Delegation and Dunwoody Sen. Fran Millar asks about Charter Clusters - March 18, 2013

Interim Superintendent, DeKalb County School District, Michael Thurmond addressed the DeKalb Delegation of the State Legislature on Monday and I had the pleasure of being in attendance to video the first 15 minutes.

At the 9 minute mark, State Senator Fran Miller asked about the possibility of Charter Cluster control and Mr. Thurmond said that currently one person is running 104 schools and that regional superintendents need to be able to make more decisions. 

He stated that he was working on that very item in the morning and I  swear he came very close to almost saying, "Local control, close to home".

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Ken Thompson said...

The interim superintendent seems to have lost focus. He is speaking too much about "academic achievement" rather than "how we regain full accreditation". Probationary status was achieved through many failings, but poor educational outcomes was not amongst them. Hopefully the new board can direct his attention towards solving the problems identified by SACS.