Monday, April 15, 2013

Proposed Ashford Dunwoody Hotel presents to DHA and hears concerns on curb cut.

Mr. Den Webb of Smith, Gambrell & Russell presented to the Dunwoody Homeowners Association on behalf of the hotel developer Mr. Don Boyken and the main community objection was lead by Mr. Bob Lundsten who detailed his objections on his Dunwoody Farmer Bob Blog.

I do not sit in any official capacity on the Board of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association, though I regularly attend the public portion just as anyone interested can do.   As an interested member of the public, I observe and learn all I can on items that may came in front of me on the City Council and left the meeting prior to the private discussion and recommendation.  Council members Thompson and Nall were also in attendance at the Sunday DHA Meeting and did the same. 

The Dunwoody Planning Commission will be hearing this item on April 24th and I will also be observing that process and the presentation.


Joe Seconder said...

Thank you , DHA board for voting unanimously against the new curb cut for this development.

Lindsay said...

It was great that the DHA voted against this. There is still one major issue that needs to be discussed, do they truely have a 'right' to this curb cut. Their lawyers say yes, but other attorneys not only say no, they say no way in the world. City Council needs to slow this down to determine one way or the other if they have the right to this. We should find a way to have both views presented to an panel of experts and go from there.