Thursday, September 12, 2013

City of Dunwoody Sidewalk Policy and meeting tonight regarding sidewalks on Hensley, Peachford and Mount Vernon Way

The Sidewalk Improvement Program was created to provide an objective process to prioritize the City’s sidewalk projects. The City has identified over 21 miles of future sidewalk improvements and 87 future ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps. Since 2009, the City has invested nearly $1,000,000 on completing roughly 5.4 miles of new sidewalk infrastructure, making Dunwoody a safer, healthier, and more enjoyable community for all.

2013 Sidewalks Program

Sidewalk Improvement Policy details the purpose, goals and requirements of the sidewalk improvement program. This policy also includes the criteria used to prioritize sidewalk projects.

Existing and Future Sidewalk Map shows where the city’s potential sidewalk projects will fit with the existing sidewalk throughout the city.

Prioritized Sidewalk Improvement Plan (updated August 2013) scores potential sidewalk projects based on the specific criteria listed in the Sidewalk Improvement Policy.

The City of Dunwoody will be hosting a Public Information Open House to collect input and feedback and discuss the installation of several new sidewalks located on the following roads: Peachford Road, Hensley Drive, and Mount Vernon Way.

The open house will be held from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 5th, 2013 at Dunwoody City Hall, 47 Perimeter Center East, Suite 400 (Conference Center) Dunwoody, GA 30346 (directly behind Dunwoody City Hall office building.)

To best collect all participants’ insight into the projects and identify specific challenges or concerns with the sidewalk installations, the event format will be an open house style overview instead of a formal presentation. This format allows City staff to individually address project questions and collect input which will assist in fine tuning potential approaches and solutions to construction and installation.

If you have further questions or wish to suggest additional sidewalk segments not already planned, please contact the Public Works Department at 678-382-6850.


hollyannabird said...

Hi Mr. Heneghan. I would love to have an update on the Hensley sidewalk. I know there isn't a sidewalk yet (because we walk to Vanderlyn Elementary School by way of Hensley Dr. every day) but I am hopeful that there will be one by the beginning of 2015 school year.

John Heneghan said...

Holly, the final approval of the funding is on the agenda March 9th, construction will start soon after and hopefully the sidewalk will be completed prior to the last day of school this year if not way before.


John Heneghan said...

Hensley sidewalk is about to start, City Council has a $118,000 project on the March 23rd agenda for approval.