Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dunwoody Charter Commission - Final Report

The final Charter Commission report is 70 pages long but the substantive proposed changes to SB82 are listed above.

The report is available on the city website.   Remember that the City Council was purposely left out of this process as this is a list of recommendations from the citizens to the State Legislature on possible governance changes.  In the end, our State Reps could present and pass what was presented, present nothing if in disagreement, pass nothing presented or present completely different changes and pass what they like.

Appendix B of the report (starts on page 57) lists ideas presented for change but were never voted upon for for formal submission.  Possible additional changes that I have heard in the last couple months since the close of the commission was a cap on debt allowed and moving the Mayoral election to be held during the district cycle vs the at large election cycle.  The ideas listed in the appendix or ideas that are yet to be floated, are all fair game as the ball is in Fran, Tom & Mike's court to do with it as they and the Legislature see fit.

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