Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Conceptual sketch plat for new 52 home subdivison off Vermack in Dunwoody

This afternoon a resident forwarded me and other bloggers the results of an open records request where he asked City Staff about development plans for a new single family (R-100) subdivision off Vermack Road.  The Dunwoody Crier announced the possible development on the front page of Tuesday's paper and I am deciding to post all of the documents that were forwarded to me so to make sure everything is now put into the public domain.

Staff reply to request:
Attached is all the documentation we have for a conceptual review of the Vermack property. Attachments (in order) include: the initial application, the initial drawing for a conceptual sketch plat, the initial findings report submitted by the applicant, completed by a third party contractor, an updated conceptual sketch, and staff comments that were sent to the applicant. Because this is conceptual only, it has not been officially submitted for permitting; all reviews are preliminary.


Rose Gorham said...

Is there anything that can be done to stop this development? I worry about extra traffic on Vermack and overcrowding in our schools. I mostly worry about the deer living back in those woods. Where will they go?

Vandy Grad said...

I saw a couple "Save Vermack Village" signs today. The red shirts are on it.

DunwoodyTalk said...

Wow, almost a new record for a complaint against progress. Rose was just 30 minutes shy of the record. Not sure why Rose is opposing the right of the owner to develop the property. Her home was once a wooded lot. Regarding the deer, I'm more than happy to put them in my freezer in the form of sausage, steaks, and chops.

dpgroupie said...
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Chip said...

That little creek that runs thru the property would be an ideal "linear park" with bike path. The creek eventually flows across Peeler into Brook Run park where it could meet up with the other trails.

Any consideration of this development should require the developer to provide for amenities along this creek. I believe the stream buffer would allow for a path, just not any structures.

I know this is premature, but it's something to look into and could be an asset to interconnecting a good portion of Dunwoody.

GaryRayBetz said...

Red Shirts? Red Shirts? Y'all worried 'bout the lil ol' Red Shirts? Y'all will regard those Red Shirts as nothing more than a bunch of mollycoddling milquetoasts after my Copperhead Hunter shirted brigade marches on city hall!

Don't y'all know that this development shall disturb the natural habitat of my adored agkistrodon contortrix, the noble American copperhead!!! Please do not believe the propaganda promulgated by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, which classifies this species as Least Concern (LC) for extinction. I'm betting that this analysis was performed by a cottonmouth man, because we can never have too many copperheads.

Why do y'all think that ya got so many rats congregating round your swim & tennis club dumpsters? It's cause you believe another falsehood, that copperheads are aggressive and are a danger to playing children or pets; so, you eradicate the copperheads (in a most cruel manner, I might add, with axes, shotguns, even samurai swords - I've even witnessed a woman take a rubber mallet hammer to a nest of baby copperheads), but the copperheads feed on the rats. Yes, I will grant you that the copperhead is an ambush predator, but that is its behavior with small rodents - not dogs and kids, not sure about cats, but I ain't no fan of cats - so I don't care there.

Just know, that if my petition to the White House to replace the bald eagle with the American copperhead as the iconic national animal comes to fruition, I will then request that same section off of Vermack Road be declared a copperhead wildlife sanctuary. And if all else fails, when the heavy construction equipment comes a rollin', my Copperhead Hunter brigade and I shall prostrate our naked bodies over the copperhead nests to protect God's beloved creatures from the bulldozers' blades and rippers. Like to see how red Dunwoody's city leaders will turn after the international media runs with pictures of that loathsome tableau!

Joe Seconder said...

I'd like to see:

1) a traffic study completed,
2) Build internal grid road network (instead of dead-end cul-de-sacs), connecting from Vermack up to Ole Village Run (need easement). at least for bike/pedestrian connectivity with an 10-ft paved path connecting into Old Village Run. – Would require an easement from adjacent property owners (Roy Eugene Poss at 4809 Vermack)

3) Provide a public easement for the West Nancy Creek tributary. Create a greenspace buffer in the easement with nature walking trails open to the public.

4) Incorporate other "Sustainable" Development features, including water management, pervious surfaces, gray water recycling, etc..

5) Or, come up with funds to buy the land and keep as a nature preserve. Presently, the land is assessed at $480,000.... But obviously worth a lot more...

Emily said...

Rose - you should invite the deer over to your house. I'm tired of them eating all the pansies I plant. We should let some bow hunters in there to thin out the population. My husband makes wonderful deer jerky and venison pot pies.

Daughter of the Poet said...

Porcupine at Dusk

Out of the bunch grass
out of the cheat grass
a bunch of grass waddles
my way.

Quill-tips bleached by winter four
inches down: crown of glory dark
at the roots: a halo
catching the sun's
final song:

No way could such steady
oblivion possibly live
up to legend, whatever
fear I might have had
is gone, but still I stop

Short on my after-dinner walk, no
collision course if I
can help it, thinking
at first it's the wind,
nudging a path out of the field

Or one of a covey of tumbleweed
lost like those today on the freeway,
racing ahead of my car that whole long drive
here to the banks of the Snake, to friends
so close they know
when to leave me alone.

As though I were nowhere around, the porcupine
shuffles the edge of the road,
in five minutes crosses
a distance I could have covered
in less than one

And disappears at last into cattails
and rushes, sunset, a vespers
of waterbirds, leaving me
still unwilling to move.

I am a sucker for scenes like this.
The slowest beauty can rush me.
And here I am,
all of my defenses down.

- Ingrid Wendt

Joe Seconder said...

Here's my Open Letter to "Save Dunwoody" on this development: