Sunday, December 29, 2013

Man revived with AED by skilled team after collapse at Dunwoody Anytime Fitness.

Kudos to all involved in saving a man's life at Anytime Fitness in Georgetown!!  On the scene was Personal Trainer Dr. Vaibhav Maurya, Front Desk worker Justin Allen & Dunwoody Police Officer Danny Tedesco with Club Manager (also a Cardic Nurse) Ally Taylor also there to assist.

I may need to rethink just doing the Orbital Machine in the basement??


Tom Taylor said...

Kudos to all who helped. Another life saved by the private sector and government working together.

Hat tip to Dunwoody PD, no disrespect for DeKalb Fire / Rescue, but sometimes the ability to have a trained PD officer on scene quickly is a win/win.

We now have AED's at the Capitol, again, I don't care whether a EMT, police officer, secretary, or student uses these life-saving devices. They save lives.

Canker Sore said...

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