Saturday, February 8, 2014

HR 486, the bill to create independent school systems in Georgia passes out of committee. Video of meeting.

The link to the video above shows the Georgia state House Education committee who passed HR 486 to create Independent school districts for new cities by a 7-3 vote Feb. 5. The bill now goes to the Rules Committee for consideration. The bill calls for a state constitutional amendment allowing new school districts under those limitations. A constitutional amendment requires a two-thirds vote of both the state House and Senate and a simple majority vote of the people in November.

My favorite comments in the meeting came from Rep. Edward Setzler (R - Acworth) and I thought they needed to be broken out and highlighted from the main video.

Kudos and thank you to Rep Tom Taylor, Senator Fran Millar, the Leadership at State Capital and all of the Citizens who are working so hard to move this difficult bill forward.

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Paul Ryan Republican said...

This great news! Now we can exert local control over our schools where we can prevent our children from being brainwashed with the Obama anti-religious socialist libertard agenda and climate change nonsense.