Thursday, February 27, 2014

Phase II of Dunwoody Trail in Brook Run Park is now underway.

Concrete poured just last week.

Brook Run Trail Phase II Plans (Large File - 28 MB)
Phase III crossing creek at back of Brook Run to join new park will be coming next year?


Max said...

Why a question mark on Phase III, Councilor?

This is arguably (pun intended) the most exciting amenity built in Dunwoody in the last 30 years.

Can't wait!

John Heneghan said...

Max, guessing the question mark can be removed once we finalize the last piece of the puzzle at next months council meeting. Until then the question make can remain as you wouldn't want me to take approval for granted even though I do know how to count to four.

Max said...

I hope this project goes 'Full Ahead' John, it is a feature that adds passive live-ability to the City.

Multi-use trails are listed as 'Features' on City websites like Johns Creek.

By the way, I appreciated your explanation on how major Park improvements are linked to the "$7MM legal lottery," as well.

I am glad we can choose to pay for small, incremental improvements along the way.

Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

My wife and I enjoy the trail immensely already and, when it is finished, it will be a huge benefit to living in Dunwoody... and we will be able to quit driving to the Big Creek Trail a couple of times each week!

mindspringyahoo said...

I was on this for the first time yesterday, with one of my kids.

Love it, looks good, wasn't overly crowded. Those poo-pooing it with talk of 'storm water runoff' were being absurd:

The footprint of the paved path is essentially ZERO in proportion to the total acreage. Seemingly they should also have been outraged with the presence of the old streets that still run through parts of the property.