Thursday, February 27, 2014

Video of Dunwoody City Council meetings of Feb 24, 2014

FYI: uploading over 3 hours of video to YouTube takes some time but I personally like the results plus I do not have the issue of older videos being deleted from the system over time because of the quota limits on the last service I was using. 


Chip said...

Note to Max:

I responded to you thoughts and questions from the Town Hall meeting in a previous posting, long before I reviewed this meeting video.

Since I've seen the "Public Comments" section, I am heartened to learn that my opinions, in part, are shared by others. And, I'm especially heartened to learn that several others see thru the "spin" that often cloaks these issues.

That being said, I believe the City Council has the obligation to step in and direct a resolution to the Chattcomm problem, by adding a special-consultant to resolve the issues with Chattcomm/DeKalb in 30 days, or make a recommendation for an independent 911 authority in North DeKalb, or possibly an independent Dunwoody 911 Authority.

Just Sayin'


Chip said...
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Chip said...

I did a little exercise on the timing stated in Chief Grogan's memo about the 911 call to Ms.McQuaig.

Here's the bottom line:

Ms. McQuaig called Chattcomm 911 and it took 5:54 for the firetruck to reach her house.

Had Ms. McQuaig called DeKalb 911 directly (which she can't do anymore) the firetruck would have arrived in 4:47 or 1.07 minutes sooner.

If CAD-CAD was working as it should have been, the firetruck would have arrived at 4:25 or 1:19 sooner.

If you look at the time-frames for each step, and re-sort them to make this comparison, it's pretty clear that using Chattcom "as-is" is costing time for Dunwoody Fire and EMT calls over what they were experiencing with DeKalb Fire, alone.

IF Chattcomm worked as advertized, it would offer significant advantages over DeKalb 911 in this system.

You may "spin" this anyway you'd like....but these are the numbers based on differing scenarios from Chief Grogan's analysis.

Chip said...

Sorry! That last number should have been 1:29 for the response improvement for Chattcomm with CAD-CAD.