Friday, September 19, 2014

Dunwoody City Council Agenda, 2014 Council Expenses and update on Alarm Registration

Monday, September 22, 2014
Dunwoody City Hall

41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346

Agenda 6 pm 

Discussion of Agreement with Georgia Power for Dunwoody Village Parkway Streetlights.

Agenda 7 pm 

Recognition of Jimmy Maloney for Receiving Fire Marshal Certification.

SECOND READ: Amendment to Chapter 26, Article VIII Special Events and Public Assemblages.

Resolution to Update Fees for Special Events and Public Assemblages.

Resolution to Submit Building Code Changes to Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

Resolutions in Support of LCI Studies and Implementation Applications.

Award of Contract for Fabrication and Installation of Brook Run Trail Signs (Phase II).

Award of Contract for Annual Storm Water Infrastructure Inspections.

Award of Contract for Brook Run Skate Park Concessionaire Award.

PUBLIC HEARING & SECOND READ - Amendments to the Text of Chapter 20, Specifically Section 20-66, “Flags."

Discussion of Roberts Drive Sidewalk Construction Contract.

Approval of Agreement with Georgia Power for Dunwoody Village Parkway Streetlights.

Other items of interest.

Based on a request of former Councilman Robert Wittenstein to have the city post Council expense reports to the web, I asked staff to prepare the report and this document was generated attempting to satisfy the request.  Staff pulled all expenses through August, the general requests for reimbursement as allowed by the Charter as well as other miscellaneous expenses that are required by Council to operate including Liability Insurance, Governmental Training and other items benefiting the community but which are not tied back to a specific council-member's formal expense account.   There were concerns over the format of the report being confusing but in the end it was decided to provide all data and not just the expenses requested for reimbursement that the Charter allows.

Based on a few emails that I have received and the Alarm Registration program being in effect for over one year, at the last meeting I requested a recap of the program (and believe that Councilwoman Deutsch requested as well, as staff was already working on it).  Here are the stats on the Alarm Registration Program.

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dpgroupie said...

Frankly, I am not the least bit alarmed at how councilmembers might be spending their $3K per year, or the Mayor's $5K per year expense accounts. Not to mention that the salaries seem more "token" than "compensatory".
Move along - nothing to see here.