Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dunwoody Elementary Teacher holds new Baby Girl and an Adoption Auction to defray costs. Please review the auction items.

A new Mom once again as Ms. Mattison holds her baby girl!

Parents, over the course of your children's education you have the pleasure of meeting some great teachers but few touch you so deeply that they become close friends.  Jenn Mattison (nee Spence) taught my son Riley in the third grade at Chesnut Elementary School and my wife Kristin was the room mom.   The two hit it off and they have kept in touch through the years.  When Jenn was about to be married to wonderful young man named Brett we held a wedding shower in our home and then attended wedding.
When Dunwoody Elementary School opened (at the time a fourth and fifth grade academy) Ms. Mattison went with her students and left Chesnut where she had been since 2003.   Let me tell you that Jenn Mattison is a phenomenal teacher both in and out of the classroom.   She took her love of skiing and opened a ski & snowboard school at DES and has hosted numerous ski trips in the last five years.  She is in charge of running the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Program at DES and teaches the Gifted Program in all five grades within the school.

Dunwoody Elementary and for that part the entire City of Dunwoody is blessed to have such a wonderful teacher taking care of our children and instilling the into their lives so much more than what ever could be read in a book.

The Mattison's were blessed with the adoption of their son Kai but when he was just 7 months old he was diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer. Eight weeks later Kai lost his battle at Children's Hospital of Atlanta.

There isn't a day (minute) that goes by that they don't miss their amazing son.  They made Kai a promise when they were in PICU. That promise was to continue on with their family plan. They would start the adoption process once again and bring home his baby brother or sister.  When a great friend from the adoption community reached out to the Mattison's wanting to help with an adoption auction they hesitated.....a lot as they believe the community has supported them SO MUCH in the last year.

The expenses in the last year have racked up for this school teacher and her hard working husband, so please review the auction items to see if there is something of interest to bid on as it closes on Sunday July 19th.   They would also like you to share the auction with your Facebook community. Help them spread the word.

Read the rules of participating in the public auction here.

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Album contains pictures of each item available. You can CLICK PICTURE FOR A DESCRIPTION, MINIMUM BID and SHIPPING COST, if applicable, in the description for each. If shipping has been donated, it will be indicated as well.

Please join Kai's Prayer page and help us spread the awareness about Childhood Cancer.

With love from my friends,

Jenn, Brett, Kaili and our Angel Warrior Kai

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