Saturday, July 11, 2015

Georgetown Community in Dunwoody proposed to receive park land in townhome deal.

Arcadia homes has been in communication with adjoining neighbors on this project and it will now be discussed at several more meetings this week.  Sunday night at 7:30 the Dunwoody Homeowners Association will be hearing of the proposal and then on Tuesday the Dunwoody Planning Commission will be formally reviewing the project.

The major question that I have heard from the Georgetown neighbors to the project is "Will Old Spring House & Lincoln Parkway be connected to allow vehicular traffic to flow from Perimeter Center through the Georgetown Community?   The answer is No it has never been contemplated to allow automobiles to connect these two sections of the city.    As part of the City’s vision for a connected trail system, the applicant is proposing to dedicate and construct a twelve foot concrete path that runs parallel to the eastern lot line of 54 Perimeter Center East. This path could eventually become part of the trail that may extend from Brook Run Park through the Georgetown area.  Some have suggested that this is an odd place for a trail, why there?  Just north of the trail at the proposed development is an undeveloped City of Dunwoody park (Perimeter Center East - not shown on city website) and this trail is being paid for by the developer (not the city) as an amenity for the entire community. 

The site is located at 54 Perimeter Center East, Dunwoody, GA 30346 on the eastern side of Perimeter Center East, just north of Lincoln Parkway (private), and 4340, 4348, 4356, 4364, 4372, 4380 and 4388 Old Georgetown Trail, Dunwoody, GA 30338 on the west side of Old Georgetown Trail at the west end of Old Spring House Lane. The property consists of approximately 9.84 acres of land on eight vacant parcels. The applicant is proposing to develop 7.544 acres and dedicate the remaining 2.3 acres to the City for use as public park space.

Here is the main overview document and to see all of the documents regarding this project, please click here to see the Planning Commission Agenda, then click the items under unfinished business and the pdf documents will be on the right.


Derek Vogel said...

I agree that roads should not be developed connecting Georgetown and Perimeter Center. The traffic for these poor people would be atrocious. But as an avid bicycler that lives in East Dunwoody and working in Perimeter Center, I would love a pedestrian bridge or bike path over the Nancy Creek North Fork. I used to often commute to work by bicycle before moving to Dunwoody, and would gladly do it again if such a bridge were incorporated! It would provide safer passage through low-traffic neighborhoods vs. busy main arteries!

Max said...

I just think it would be great to ride from Brook Run to Perimeter Mall and beyond without hitting any auto traffic while on a bike!

That would allow for hardy folks seeking an auto alternative to work or more leisurely recreation riders a route that would be fun and safe. This is a really powerful long term amenity.

The hits keep on coming.

Customer Review said...

Does anyone know where this 12' wide concrete trail will eventually connect?

Max - is there a plan you have seen that shows the eventual connection to Brook Run? Is there a specific route already chosen?

On the whole - making our community more accessible has pros and cons...

Max said...

No on both counts, CR.

Everything has pros and cons...