Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Georgians for Local Area School System needs your financial assistance to push for Constitutional Amendment.

Please consider taking a quick moment to donate now to Georgians for Local Area School System and support HR 4 and the future of independent school systems in Georgia. Together we can make a difference.

Georgians for Local Area School System is a grassroots effort to amend the Georgia State Constitution to allow for the creation of independent school systems. HR 4, a Georgia House Resolution carried by State Representative Tom Taylor, will bring this important reformation to the Georgia constitution.

Nearly 70 years ago, Georgia (under extreme financial, organizational, and learning outcome mismanagement) consolidated many of their school systems and prohibited the creation of independent school systems from forming in the future.  What was yesterday's solution is today's liability.

State wide our school systems are growing in population at a tremendous rate.  This growth is leading to the formation of mega school systems that are either at risk of or are currently disconnected to the diverse needs of their learning communities.

What Georgia needs are school systems attuned to the specific needs of their students, parents, teachers, and communities.  We need school systems that are preparing our students for a competitive and global economy and work force.  We need school systems that are responsive to their tax paying constituents.  We need school systems that are able to preemptively make adjustments to their programs rather than respond re-actively as crisis after crisis appears before them.

Georgia needs to reintroduce dual flexibility in the organization of their school systems.  Just as school systems can be too small to survive - school systems can be too large to ensure that each of their students are being given the best opportunity to achieve to their own highest potential.  Educational outcomes and financial efficacy is lost.

Help GLASS change the Georgia State Constitution and allow for the creation of independent school systems - school systems that are close enough to the communities that they serve to allow for their students to thrive and walk into their future prepared with an exceptional education.

Through supporting GLASS you are helping with the effort of sharing this important message through: education of our state legislature and communities throughout Georgia, community events, print material, website management, and basic needs of grass root efforts such as insurance.

For more information on GLASS, please visit our website at:

GLASS and the future of Georgia thank you.

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