Thursday, July 30, 2015

My shadow for the week will be my father, John Heneghan Sr.

John Heneghan Sr.

Grandpa Heneghan is coming in from Chicago to visit the boys before they start school as he wants to see what keeps this family hopping, including hanging with me at a few of my civic and social events.  I've scheduled some time off work so if you run into me in the next week there is a very good chance that my Dad will be with me.  If you see us, please give him a warm Dunwoody welcome.

We will probably be at Food Truck Thursday, the Dunwoody Homeowners Association Meeting, a Special Called City Council Meeting, Sunday Mass, a Knights of Columbus meeting, various school open houses & registrations, tax free school shopping, watching high school football practice, viewing a production of Mary Poppins, seeing the Stone Mountain Laser Show, Dunwoody North Driving Club for Water Volleyball, numerous trips around the neighborhood walking the dog, probably a trip downtown for a ride of the street car to the Farris wheel as my wife won tickets in an auction that we haven't used, as well as maybe have lunch at the top of the Westin to see the city sights.

We might also do a Braves game and if all goes well Dad might like to hit a few golf balls & take a nap or two.

Anyway, figured I would share what I am doing for the last week of Summer (at least according to the DeKalb County School System Calender).  I hope you enjoy your freedom as much as I am looking forward to mine because even if you don't have children is school; you may still be experiencing the school traffic on Monday August 10th.  Like I said, enjoy the last week of Summer as it is almost over.


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