Thursday, July 30, 2015

The most desired housing choice in Dunwoody is currently the Master on the Main.

I have had many conversations with Dunwoody Residents who currently have the need to downsize from the four bedroom single family home sitting on a half acre where there are three empty bedrooms and they are forced to walk the stairs every day.  These residents want to downsize but they want to stay in Dunwoody close to restaurants, shopping and family but can't find a suitable home or living arrangement meeting their needs.   Masters on the Main & single level living whereby the kitchen, living room, bath room and at least one bed room are all together, are the items I hear the most but recent developers wanting to build in Dunwoody keep suggesting three level town-homes as "Senior Friendly Housing".

Back a few months ago, we had the opportunity to approve 81 town-homes in Dunwoody Village that were suppose to meet the needs of this segment of the community but it was rejected by the City Council as not being Senior Friendly enough.  The bedrooms were away from the living area and there were numerous sets of stairs with limited options for an elevator.

The Dunwoody Homeowners Association is meeting Sunday to listen to an updated plan for Dunwoody Village Parkway that will now include what I believe to be some town-homes with the Masters on Main.

I would welcome anyone who is looking for a new housing arrangement which would allow you to age in place here in Dunwoody to please attend the meeting on Sunday and the same goes for Dunwoody Real Estate Agents. 

We need need to hear your feedback on this issue as the City Council is trying to wrap its head around the concept of what is Senior Friendly Housing and the residents can help shape the conversation by directly telling developers what housing amenities and conditions that you are looking for.   Thanks

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