Thursday, September 1, 2016

City of Dunwoody releases proposed 2017 budget showing $32 Million in revenues.

Excerpt below - click here for full document.

The list of enhancements to the 2017 budget and their costs can be found on page 37 of the document and I recommend that this be reviewed for both what is there and what is not, what staff requested vs what the Mayor removed. This budget will first be discussed by the budget committee on September 8th at 9:30 am and then it needs to be ratified by the full City Council in October.   It is this list of new items being proposed that the budget committee will need to be determining if appropriate or if other items are missing.  The budget committee this year is Lynn Deutsch, Pam Tallmadge and Jim Riticher.  

I believe that there will also be a 2016 budget amendment coming to Council in September to take into consideration of HOST funds, determine additional paving that can be completed this year from our supplemental list and to do other budgetary clean ups prior to moving on to 2017 numbers.  I have expressed my desires to the Mayor, the budget committee and to Council that based on the HOST revenues and the fact that we did not have a tax mileage rate roll back that we need to push forward with the paving expenditure for the streets below in this budget year.

The primary points of emphasis of the FY 2017 Budget include continued efforts to promote and sustain public safety and administer to the vital infrastructure needs and requirements of our City. The FY 2017 Budget includes an opportunity to implement improvements to city roads, intersections and parks which are based on Park and Transportation Master Plan updates as influenced and driven by the community. These plans help provide Dunwoody with a path forward for the next five-plus years.

The FY 2017 Budget totals approximately $32.4 million in revenues for all appropriated funds. Key elements of the FY 2017 Budget include an allocation of more than $5 million for paving, intersection and sidewalk improvements and specific allocations for long-term enhancements such as the Mount Vernon Road and Vermack Road intersection improvement project and the extension of the Dunwoody Trailway connecting Georgetown are with the Perimeter.

Approximately $35.9 million in revenue is budgeted for operations and cash reserves. Based on Council policy, the FY 2017 Budget anticipates maintaining a reserve sufficient to cover government operations for four months and upholds the City’s original 2.74 millage rate and does not anticipate an increase in that rate. As operational levels and residents’ expectations for services gradually rise on an annual basis, along with added facilities and services not originally part of the City’s assets or functions when incorporated, maintaining the 2.74 millage rate remains both practical and pragmatic.
The FY 2017 Budget includes a $778,000 transfer in General Fund dollars to pay debt associated with Project Renaissance land purchases. These debt payments will be offset with revenue generated from the sale of lots related to Project Renaissance. The City anticipates paying off all variable debt for the Project Renaissance land purchases by the end of 2017.

The FY 2017 Budget also includes $2.1 million in General Fund transfers and $5 million in HOST Fund transfers to our Capital Projects program for the development of critical City assets, infrastructure projects, and public safety enhancements. The Capital Projects list for 2016 includes street resurfacing, sidewalk construction, intersection improvements, trailway connections, park improvements, and public safety equipment.

By taking a judicious approach to the $3 million stormwater fund reserve for catastrophic stormwater events, the FY 2017 Budget utilizes approximately $104,000 of reserves in the Stormwater Utility Fund to speed up the timing of significant improvements to stormwater infrastructure. The City has also allotted for an increase in street cleaning efforts in 2017 to alleviate the burden on our storm drains and gutters.

FY 2017 Expenditure Highlights
The FY 2017 Budget places an emphasis on investments in key infrastructure, paving and parks and is a direct response to community-identified needs and requests. The City has created a FY 2017 Budget list of key expenditures and improvements which focus on taking care of critical community assets and safety essentials as a means of delivering for the future. This commitment can be found within the following overview of project and initiative disbursements:

Paving / Infrastructure
2017 Road Resurfacing & Paving ($3.6 Million)
Mt. Vernon at Vermack Intersection Improvement ($1.25 million)
Tilly Mill Sidewalk, Womack to North Peachtree - Phase I ($500,000)
Perimeter traffic Management System Construction Management ($35,000)
Chamblee Dunwoody Improvements ($50,000)
North Peachtree Traffic Calming ($100,000)
MARTA Bus Shelter Replacement at Brook Run Park ($25,000)
Right Of Way (ROW) acquisition for Cotillion Drive Multi-Use path ($200,000)

Park Improvements based on Master Plan ($3.5 million)
Dunwoody Trailway – Georgetown to Perimeter Connection ($1.5 million)
Recreation Programs Supervisor ($45,000)

Police Department/Public Safety
One Sworn Officer, One Prisoner transport Officer and two Police Service Representatives ($274,000)

Community Development
LCI with Peachtree Corners for Winters Chapel area ($30,000)

Stormwater Utility
Utility and Right of Way Coordinator ($90,000) [Expense will be offset by permit fees paid by the utilities or other businesses seeking right of way access.]


Hen dogcu said...

John -

Is there a website where I can view the following?:

Chamblee Dunwoody Improvements ($50,000)
Right Of Way (ROW) acquisition for Cotillion Drive Multi-Use path ($200,000)
Park Improvements based on Master Plan ($3.5 million)
Dunwoody Trailway – Georgetown to Perimeter Connection ($1.5 million)

I am especially interested in the Dunwoody Trailway. I've review the Parks Master Plan, but cannot find information on this trailway and the proposed path. Just interested in seeing the upcoming improvements.

Thanks -

John Heneghan said...


Imagine a multiuse path down Cotillion from Chamblee Dunwoody to Shallowford to eventually North Peachtree. Long term project currently in design but this funding gets the ball rolling.

The Georgetown to Perimeter Connection is really exciting. We approved a new town home development on Perimeter Center East (next to under utilized city park land) and as part of the deal the developer purchased adjoining property (flood area / creek) in Georgetown because they needed some of the space. Part of this land was deeded back to the city. Imagine a multi-use path (no vehicles) starting near new Dunwoody park land in Georgetown (near Georgetown Swim Tennis) a bridge crossing the creek and a path to the expanded park on Perimeter Center East.

Hen dogcu said...

Thank you very much for the links. I am interested in seeing the proposed connection of the Perimeter East development with the current multi-purpose trail that runs from Georgetown Park, through Pernoshal Park and to Brook Run.

Is there a concept plan for that connection? I see some work happening on Old Springhouse...

Long story short, I am interested in seeing how this connection will affect the homeowners in the Georgetown area.

John Heneghan said...

There is no connection concept for a multi-use trail as you described as that will require a much larger community conversation where the homeowners in Georgetown would be heavily involved. Several years ago in order to find a path route that would not negatively affect many homeowners, the city staff walked the DOT right of way along 285, under the power lines looking for a route to connect to Ashford Dunwoody but the elevation changes to allow an ADA compliant path is not economically feasible.