Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Georgia 6th Congressional election goes to June 20th runoff between Ossoff and Handel

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Max said...

If every Georgia 6th District GOP voter backs Karen handle, she could have a potential of 95,590 ballots in her favor. Jon Ossof got 92,390 votes, straight UP!

Two observations and a National news write-up of our little dust-up in in the 'Sunny Sixth"

First, every vote is important in June, show up and VOTE or make sure to complete an absentee voter form, go here to get one:

Second, love her, hate her, or don't even care, Karen Handel is the GOP candidate for the Sixth District, so don't pull a 'Romney' and stay home, unless you want the likes of the Daily Kos shot-callers calling shots in YOUR neighborhood.

"In an illustration of how nationalized the race became, 95 percent of Mr. Ossoff’s fund-raising haul was from out of state, and even more was from outside the district, where the candidate himself does not reside (though he grew up there)."

Yeah, it's like that!