Thursday, September 13, 2018

Restrooms and other improvements planned for Dunwoody's Windwood Hollow Park

Windwood Hollow Park located just off Peeler Rd near the DeKalb Waterworks is a hidden gem of a park, offering a playground in a wooded setting, tennis courts and pavilion.  The bids for new restrooms are on the street and I anticipate that this new amenity will be built within the next few months.

Upon reviewing the parks amenities with a resident it was pointed out that this park has no dedicated sidewalks into the facility whereby parents are forced to walk in the street with children especially when bicycles and strollers are involved. This morning I pointed out this fact out to the budget committee (Pam Tallmadge, Jim Riticher and myself) and we reallocated funds to correct this this item and/or plan for a large scale trail from Peeler through the park. 

Overall the budget meeting this morning started at 9:30 and ended just before 2 p.m. whereby we went over every line item, asking questions and understanding Dunwoody financial position.  We made a few minor tweaks improving pedestrian safety funding and set the ball into place for major park improvements.  The full budget will be brought in front of the community within the next month and then it will be voted upon by the full council.

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