Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dads' Bucket List and Treetop Quest cross paths in Brook Run Park in Dunwoody

There are day's that I really enjoy serving on the Dunwoody City Council and today was a good day because I was able to help a friend set a vision for a day of activities at Brook Run that I know will benefit the entire community and then a complete stranger (he knew me but I don't think we have met before) walked up and thanked us for all we do.

This afternoon I met my friend Matt Boettcher and the City of Dunwoody Parks Director, Brent Walker at Brook Run Park to discuss and possibly bring together an awesome event that Matt put on at Cagle's Dairy Farm a while back.   Matt started an organization called Dads' Bucket List to allow Dads to connect with their kids through unique shared experiences as well as a chance to connect with other fathers outside of the work place.

Back in March, the Dads put on the Checklist Challenge where there were 15 "Survivor style" teamwork events that made for a really enjoyable day for everyone who attended.   Today's meeting was to discuss the logistics of possibly bringing the Checklist Challenge to Brook Run Park in the fall and be able to lower the cost to the point where a family could still afford a great afternoon of fun.

During our event logistics discussion, the topic of the Treetop Quest proposal was discussed whereby if approved by the City Council, the Treetop activity would be in full swing prior to the Dads event taking place.  It turns out that the Dad's Bucket List group spent the day last June at the Buford location of Treetop Qwest where Matt shot a little video and wrote a blog post outlining the A-W-E-S-O-M-E time they had !

I have received quite a bit of positive feedback from residents on the Treetop proposal, including letters from the Chamber of Commerce and the Convention & Visitors Bureau but I have also received concerns from residents on the relatively high cost whereby it would be a limited benefit (activity) for many in Dunwoody.  To use the limited City parkland that we have to install for a for-profit business that would cost a family of five over $150.00 for 2 hours of recreation is a little high to do more than once or twice.  Therefore I will be looking for possible concessions to be stipulated in the contract whereby special rates could be set for the school children in Dunwoody to participate in this activity at a greatly reduced rate be it a special school field trip rate or coupons for a reduced family walk up rate based on availability and not already being scheduled.

Finally as we were wrapping up our conversation, a gentleman of wit, wisdom and an advanced age (as compared to the three middle aged men standing there) named George stopped us and asked if we were in charge of the facility?  Brent and I laughed that off, introduced ourselves and waited to see how we could assist him.  I didn't recognize George nor remember meeting him previously but he recognized and knew me.  George went on to thank us for all that we have done for the City and for putting up with all the negativity as related to the paths, as he uses them every day as says that they are a wonderful addition to the city.  George lives a block from the park, visits often and he likes the Treetop proposal to give families something to do.  He states that the dog park should stay where it is and that the neighbors adjacent to the park have little or nothing to complain about and that the dogs are not killing the trees.  At the end, as he was walking away he said that he liked Roundabouts and that someday they will be approved where needed.  He departed with a "keep up the good work!"

I'll try George, I'll try. 

(To all who are reading this, it is truly my privilege in being able to serve. Thank you.)


Catherine Anne said...

Thanks for the creative thinking, John! Treetop Quest sounds great. Local church groups would also benefit from a discount there...maybe you can work that into your proposal?

John Heneghan said...

Agreed Catherine Anne, I am just trying to find ways in making this accessible to a majority of the Dunwoody population even if the "revenue" stream coming to the city were reduced in order to make it happen. It will be discussed. Thanks

Anonymous said...

John, Great to see you at Brook Run and looking forward to a great Fall event. Also, here's another link to a shorter Treetop Quest video that's a little better quality:

Kidhiker said...

Why do we continue to feel the need to take the fantastic resource we call Brook Run Park and turn it into Dunwoody Dollywood?

We continue to add events and destinations and turn the park into a destination for only people that cannot or do not want to enjoy nature.

Brook Run should be the jewel in a park system similar to Piedmont Park. Instead, we look at every available space in the park and see how we can develop it. Instead we should be developing the "nature" of the park.

Maybe it is time to create a conservancy for Brook Run similar to what concerned citizens have done at Piedmont Park when the City of Atlanta was getting out of control and preserving the precious resource that existed.