Thursday, December 3, 2015

Does the data say that it’s time for a new Doraville High School in order to alleviate DeKalb School overcrowding?

  • Red for schools that are currently at 105% of capacity or higher
  • Green for schools between 70% and 105%
  • Blue for schools that are under 70% of capacity

Please read the full article on the "The Owl's Nest" blog which has been focused around DeKalb County School System issues but it says that it will provide commentary on random topics, with a focus on the City of Dunwoody, DeKalb County, Education, and Politics. I don't know who the author is but so far I am enjoying the thought provoking issues being raised.

"Over at Dunwoody School Daze, Kirk Lunde makes a very strong case for the need to redistrict to help solve the overcrowding in the Cross Keys cluster.

The visualization above reinforces Kirk’s statement that we need to address more than just Cross Keys’ overcrowding.  One third of our high schools are overcrowded.  And almost all of them are clustered in the Druid Hills/Lakeside/Tucker corridor.  This can’t be solved by simply carving out a neighborhood here and there.  The fastest way to alleviate this is a southward shift in attendance.

There’s a section that is not within 2½ miles of any high school, yet has overcrowded schools around it.  As we enter the discussion for eSPLOST V, It’s time to think about something different.

A new high school in Doraville can alleviate overcrowding in Cross Keys, as it will draw off the northeastern end of that bizarrely shaped attendance zone.  It can alleviate crowding at Lakeside and Tucker by drawing off of some of their attendance zones.  It can even alleviate overcrowding at Dunwoody, as that attendance area borders Doraville.

It’s time for Doraville High."

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