Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dunwoody places a 90 day moratorium on LED Sign applications in surprise move after executive session.


Monday's Dunwoody City Council Meeting started at 6 pm and was still going strong five hours later when the City Council came out of Executive Session to place a 90 day moratorium on sign applications.  It was mentioned by Councilmember Thompson that this surprise move was done because of a decision handed down by the Georgia Supreme Court in favor of the City thereby approving a DeKalb County Court decision.     Not much else I can say at this time.

In other news, the City still has a $24 million dollar budget for all 2016 City operations and can not afford the $12 to $18 million dollars needed to renovate the Brook Run Theater but the city has deferred going forward with demolition for the next few months giving the group time to explore funding options.  Theater lovers with deep pockets are needed.

The City went over the 2015 community survey results which gave the City glowing remarks but the pats on the back really go to our local non-profits who typically run our events.   We as a City Council need to remember this fact when it is time to fund the entertainment opportunities at Food Truck Thursdays, Lemonade Days, etc.

The 2016 budget amendment passed as presented but during discussion it was determined that there are financial reserves available for citizen requested public safety / transportation improvements.  Council just needs to set priorities with Public Works.

The proposed meeting rule changes were deferred until the next meeting as someone may have found conflicts between that proposal and our City Charter.

Finally there was a discussion about adding teenagers to a few specific committees but there was a thought that what we really needed was maybe a Teen Council?   Maybe we could start a Dunwoody Youth Leadership program?

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