Saturday, August 13, 2016

Doraville to hear proposal on Monday for 50 single family homes & 198 townhomes abutting Dunwoody. Flooding and traffic concerns are repeat items from 10 years ago.

Carver Circle in the City of Doraville sits on 36 acres just above the intersection of I-285 and Peachtree Industrial and the only way to access the property is via the South Bound PIB access road just south of Tilly Mill.  This property directly abuts the Broadstone (now called Dunwoody Village) apartment complex in Dunwoody and the Ridgeway / Van Fleet neighborhood of single family homes also in Doraville.  The property in this little hidden neighborhood has been quite vacant for a number of years with many of the homes being purchased by developers.  

In fact ten years ago, when I was President of the Dunwoody North Civic Association there were plans to place 255 townhomes on the same property and my board raised numerous concerns including the possibility of increased neighborhood cut though traffic as the property is currently zoned for Chesnut Elementary.  There was also a great deal of concern with the possibility of increased flooding into the Dunwoody North neighborhood as it appears that flood zones are being built upon.

 New Development in Flood Zones worries Dunwoody North neighbors.

On Monday August 15th at 5:30 pm, the City of Doraville is holding a Public Hearing and possibly voting on the project.     I have little other information at this time but hope to make it to Monday's meeting at Doraville City Hall.

Z-16-08 for Carver Hills Neighborhood (outside of I-285) APPLICANT: Century Communities of Georgia, LLC. REQUEST: Applicant seeks to rezone 34 properties in the Carver Hills Neighborhood from the R-1 (Single-family Residential) district and the O-I (Office/Institutional) district to the Livable Community Code Special District (SD-2), sub-districts T-3 and T-4 for a new residential development comprised of 50 detached single-family homes and 198 townhomes.


Josh Sofsky said...

It appears in the development plans that stub connections are being made to future development in the Broadstone Apartment Complex. I wonder if that redevelopment is forthcoming.

Robert Wittenstein said...

It looks like the flood plain only impacts the upper right corner and they haven't put any structures there. I don't think the flood plain will be an issue as long as the hydrology study is completed.

John Heneghan said...

No hydrology report was conducted and I presented to Doraville that City of Dunwoody staff has recommended that one be completed before formal approval so to verify that the project would not negatively affect Dunwoody residents.

The rezoning & the project presented was up for approval on Monday night but was deferred until the next meeting (Aug 6th) so that water issues can be reviewed and the developer can meet with those worried about negative impacts in order to tweak the project where needed.

Heath said...

Thanks for the info, John!

Has there been any consideration to the impact on morning traffic, or just the Stonington cut-through? Currently, in the mornings, the nearby PIB south onramp backs up all the way to the point of blocking the Tilly Mill intersection. This onramp conflicts greatly with the 285 West onramp. Also, if you want to cross 4 lanes of traffic and go 285 East, it's quite dangerous. The proposed development will make that worse.

John Heneghan said...

Thank You to Mayor Donna Pittman of Doraville for coming to the Dunwoody North Driving Club this evening with Councilmembers Fleming & Patrick as well as the developer of Carver Circle and other members of staff as I believe the meeting went well and many questions were answered.

My main concern was the hydrology of the site and the mitigation of stormwater and this evening we received assurances that it would be handled appropriately.

Hydrology Promises for Carver Circle