Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dunwoody Police Officer Jason Lewis requests support for charity, promises single fit @DunwoodyPolice to mingle with after workout. @UMDF

Book your ride -

I'm a fan of Officer Jason Lewis and would bend over backward to help him and his wife Gwen (who is also in Law Enforcement) to support thier fund raising efforts.   I personally enjoy Cyclebar and am expecting a great ride with socializing afterward therefore I'm guessing a few of Dunwoody's finest may be in attendance?  As far as promises, ladies I can't promise exactly who will be there except I know at least one married, very sweaty, city councilman will be probably be riding bike 42.    If you've never tried Cyclebar, this would be a great introduction and 100% of the funds would go to support UMDF.   Thanks!   John

Councilman Heneghan,

My wife, Gwen, has organized a ride at CycleBar-Dunwoody on June 24 benefiting the United Mitochonrial Disease Foundation. A $25 donation is requested for the 50 min ride and 100% goes to the UMDF.

Our daughter, Anna, suffers from this disease and you can learn more at We are lucky and blessed that she is now 13 years old.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would post this on your blog. I have attached the flyer and picture of Anna. We give you permission to post her picture, if you feel its appropriate. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you,

Jason Lewis
Officer, Dunwoody PD

I'm booked for bike #42 who's going to join me?

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Pattie Baker said...

I'm in. You and our police department have done so much to help me ride my bike a bit more safely on our roads, and I am happy to help with this effort to raise money for this good cause. I have never cycled indoors before so this will be something new.